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TRAVEL DIARIES: 3 Reasons Why Every Couple Needs A Staycation

Washington Park Hotel

My relationship is not all about the romance, getting away offers much more than physical and mental perks. It is therapeutic for the relationship as a whole and helps make our relationship a little stronger. Last week bae and I decided to enjoy a little us time while staying at Washington Park Hotel Located on South Beach (review at the end of this post). We didn’t do too much because it was raining off and on but we did enjoy each others company and we were able to relax. And that’s exactly what you can get from a staycation. You still have to plan and prepare for a staycation (learn more here), but it can be just as rewarding as a vacation. Since I had some time to reflect on this staycation I decided to share my top 3 Reasons Why Every Couple Needs A Staycation.

When I was single I always enjoyed getting away and doing absolutely nothing. Now that I’m in a relationship we try to getaway (just us two) at least once or twice or year. We don’t always plan a big extravagant vacation, sometimes we opt for a nice staycation at home or in a hotel nearby. I know that some people like to go all out though when it comes to going on a vacation, I have one friend who even uses a company called NetJets to help her and her partner travel in style whenever they go away. Everyone benefits from some alone time, both physically and mentally. Leave the stressors at home and in the workplace. Every couple needs a staycation at least once a year here’s a couple reason why.

Washington Park HotelWashington Park Hotel has great seating outside. Enjoy your morning complimentary breakfast (croissants, boiled eggs, fruit, grapefruit juice coffee and tea) with your loved one.

1. Conversation: Often, long-term couples begin to live quiet, parallel lives. Busy schedules, time apart and silent rituals like watching television can tear relationships apart. Bonds weaken because all couples must communicate to feel connected. For couples, getting away together this is an opportunity to get to know each other all over again. This is your chance to laugh, dream and share feelings – all in a positive setting that encourages a healthy exchange of thoughts. And, the improved communication is a souvenir that partners can take home with them.

Washington Park HotelThis hotel covers a whole block, bae and I had a chance to chat and around the whole hotel.

2. You Need ToTouch: Making time for physical intimacy is essential to a healthy, strong relationship. People need to feel loved, attractive and desired by their mates. It boosts self-esteem and increases mood overall, healthy-happy partners keep the relationship strong. Staycations will give you guys a chance to fall in love all over again.

Washington Park HotelI love a good competitive game, I was surprised when we found a ping-pong table on site while staying at the Washington Park Hotel.

3. It’s like having your own personal counseling session: Spending time together without any distractions gives two people time to solely focus on the relationship. A staycation often provides a positive setting without the typical stress or responsibilities at home, the environment is perfect for working through troubles.

Washington Park Hotel
While staying at the Washington Park Hotel we took a ride in their TUK TUK shuttle (which was free) to grab a bite to eat. This vehicle instantly attracts attention so many people on the street waved Hi.

Relationships, just like the individuals in them, all benefit from staycations. Having time to connect deeply and romantically brings a sense of renewal to the union. If possible, it is best to take more frequent, smaller getaways in lieu of one big trip once a year. It’s all about making time for two people to focus on life’s most precious gift- LOVEEEE.

More About Washington Park Hotel

The last hotel I stayed in from the South Beach area (I won’t name names) was very dirty and infestated with ants!! When I told the receptionist there, she offered us a new room and said they’d call a Commercial Pest Control Services business straight away but I had seen enough! So as you can imagine, my expectations weren’t too high. Washington Park more than made up for my last experience here! First off the entire staff at this hotel was super nice, this was the best service that I’ve ever received in the South Beach area. They even brought ice to my room late one night. The hotel had a great smell, not like the normal we just cleaned smell lol. The room was beautiful, as you’ll see from the pictures, and everywhere was so clean. And no ants!! There was more than enough space and the bed was so comfy too. I normally get back pain when I sleep on a mattress that my body is not used to, but the mattress on this bed was just perfect. The hotel must have invested in the best mattress for back pain, as I slept so well and encountered no back problems. As for the TV, it came fully loaded with DIRECT TV channels. I chilled around in the hotel robe for about 5 hours, which fit my plus size frame perfect (I always have a problem with hotel robes- always too small). I was surprised to find a mini-fridge along with Starbucks coffee and coffee maker- bae was in heaven. As for location and finding food, there are restaurants directly across the street and you’re just 2 blocks from the beach. Right next door is a police department, I think this explains why this hotel wasn’t so noisy lol. Overall I had I great time while staying at Washington Park Hotel and I can’t wait to visit again, maybe for my own personal staycation next time.

Hope this post inspired you guys to take your own staycation with bae.


Washington Park Hotel
Washington Park Hotel

Washington Park Hotel

Washington Park Hotel

Washington Park Hotel

Washington Park Hotel

Washington Park Hotel




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