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3 Summer Vacation Beauty/Skin Must-Haves

This post is sponsored by Sally Beauty.

Guess who’s on vacation? MEEEEEE. When it comes to preparation for vacation, I like to focus on 3 things: How I plan to style my hair, which beauty/skin products am I packing up and, of course, my outfit selects. I normally pack my outfits first and then worry about my hair. Heads up, you guys are going to love my new hairstyle stay tuned. Now that I have all the other stuff out the way, its time to pack beauty/skin products. I’m always on sites like LuxeLuminous, looking for the latest beauty tips and products that can keep me feeling good about my skin and my body so I’m more than prepared to pack for this holiday! Since Im going somewhere tropical, I know I want my skin to be moisturized and sun-kissed.

There are other steps I like to take to ensure that I look my best on vacation too. For example, I love to use at home teeth whitening products like whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to brighten my smile. There is nothing quite like the feeling of flashing a pearly white smile when on holiday. Of course, if you really want to get a whiter smile, you could also book a whitening treatment with a Dentist in Charlotte or wherever you might live who can get your teeth looking their best. Just remember to do your research first to find a teeth whitening treatment that could work for you.

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One of my favorite beauty supply stores, Sally Beauty is like a onestopshop for all of my beauty needs. I want to give myself a faux sun-kissed tan, so I headed to Sally Beauty to purchase some Tanwise Creamy Tanning Lotion. I’m on the darker side, so I like to give myself a faux tan to avoid having to actually tan; this combo will give me that nice sun-kissed glow that I’m looking for and will look great while I’m in my bikini on the beach. I’ll also pick up a Luminess Air, after reading the reviews from Luminess Air helps you to apply your makeup in a spraying manner, as opposed to using brushes – which is great for on holiday!


Ladies, we cant forget our feet while on vacation, so be sure to get a nice pedi. To make sure my feet stay smooth and polished while on vacation, I like to use Heel to Toe Peppermint Smoothing Scrub. This will give your feet a nice calming and cooling sensation after a trip spent exploring or laying out by the beach. Also, when you’re planning a trip to Mexican beaches like Cabo San Lucas, try to book your stay at one of the best resorts, such as los ventanas cabo or similar ones nearby. You may find these resorts offer services like pedicures, spa treatments, etc, that can take care of your beauty and skin care while on vacation.


Lastly, I love to keep a good moisturizer while on vacation. I just recently fell in love with Moist Hemp Body Moisturizer; this alone is like treating yourself to a little bit of paradise. It’s not too thick and it’s perfect for my dry skin in the heat.

Summer is the time to shine, and for me it starts with the skin so be sure to head to Sally Beauty and stock up on these musthave, salon-quality beauty items. Be sure to follow @SallyBeauty on Instagram for more great beauty tips!

Have you tried any of these items, if so what is your favorite?

Many thanks to Sally Beauty for sponsoring today’s post and allowing me to share my summer beauty secrets!




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