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4 Photo Apps Every Social Media Junkie Needs

Yes Im a Social Media Junkie who loves apps!

Team Iphone

I often get asked what apps I use when uploading to my social networks. Apps are no secret and if you follow me then you will know that I am very informational. I know some people who are Youtubers and they are meticulous with their social media positing and will check out resources such as a Stormviews review to see how they can expand their media reach and build on their base. As a blogger, I take pride in appearance, not just within my looks for an outfit post, but also in how I present my posts. After all, you want to be able to engage a follower to your pic. I have a friend who follows the same philosophy, to the point where they had to get someone from to help manage their DMs. How exciting is that? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect but I do take social media seriously. Ever since I joined my first social media platform, it was Instagram I think, having an aesthetic was all I cared about. Of course, I also wanted to grow my following, which made me contemplate buying Instagram followers for a while, but I’d get so lost in creating pleasing pictures that I never got around to looking into it further. I feel as though a picture can determine your influence on a product or someone’s opinion. Its simple, if you want to engage someone in a picture via social media then step your app game up and get those pictures looking as perfect as you can get them. Don’t worry if a little imperfection comes through from time to time though, we’re only human after all.
*Break Down*
The Key is understanding how each app works
*PicFrame-Allows you to crop images together and add font when needed
(Everyones fav within this app is the mirror image crop.)
*Over-Allows you to add more fancy fonts and lets you darken the pic making your font more noticeable on your pictures, but you may want to crop your picture into picframe first then use over.
*MoreBeaute2-Gives your pictures a nice finish this is mainly for closeups for those beauty gurus.
*Papelook-Has to be my number one fav this allows me to crop a picture into another picture where you can make a nice flyer without even having to touch your computer.
Hope this post was helpful!



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