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5 Rules I’m Sticking To During My Single Season.

Soooooo guys lets chat about the single life. As many of you may now know- ya girl is officially on the market and ready to mingle, well let’s just say I’m finally settling into my single season. My Singleness has me re-evaluating my love for myself and my level of self-appreciation. For me right now it’s all about finding my own joy and catching a couple of vibes (dates) here and there. Basically just doing whatever makes me happy.

But, can I be honest with you guys? I was scared as hell when I created my 1st profile on a dating app, I had a total am I really doing this moment lol. Dating sites can be scary today. I mean I have heard horror stories about catfishes and people that steal your money, and what not. I read a lot of reviews about various dating sites, like AdultFriendFinder, on websites like PR Newswire. It helped a little but the apprehension didn’t just go away. It took me a minute to really own my single life like this is it I’m a single woman out here in these streets. With that said I’m truly enjoying this moment and couldn’t be more proud of myself for putting myself out there and sticking to my own rules and terms. Today I’m here to share 5 rules I’m sticking to during my single season.

Being that I’m just getting out of a relationship that lasted 10 years (on and off) I’m definitely not looking to jump into another relationship anytime soon (maybe after summer lol). Right now I’m still building my empire and figuring out my life. I’m here catching vibes just going with the flow. All of this leads me to my first single girl rule:

Rule #1 Have Fun

Girl let your hair down and have fun! Being 100% single (no ties to your ex) is the most freeing feeling ever. Once you’re over feeling lonely or drama from the last relationship watch how being single can be so empowering. Start a hobby, spend time with friends and family and go on a date. As a single woman, you hold the key to your exclusivity and it’s up to you how quick you give it away especially while dating. I had a couple of people ask me “does having fun while dating mean having sex” let me be all the way honest: I’m single and grown so IF I WANT TO HAVE SEX, IM GOING TO HAVE SEX- and if I don’t want to, I’m not. Does that mean sex with everyone? HELL NO. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you have to become a fucking machine. If you feel you want to get that out of your system and have casual sex with people, though, there is nothing wrong with that! You can just have your fun while dating, and remember people come in your life for reasons and seasons. Also, having sexual experiences doesn’t always have to be with a person. For example, you could take the time alone with sex toys like WinkWink Sex Toys to work out what you do and don’t like without fear of judgment, and finally have that little bit of YOU time.

RULE #2 Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there when it comes to dating

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. The worst that could happen is that the other person is not interested. Me being single and jumping head first into the online dating world has been a truly enjoyable experience. Creating my first profile for an online dating app was so nerve-racking especially after being in a relationship for so long. I’m not the girl who approaches men, well at least I thought I wasn’t. Online dating has really given me confidence and encouragement to approach men in person. Swiping right is all cool but trust most men on these dating apps ALL SWIPE RIGHT just because- but that’s chat about that next week lol.

Let’s also note with putting yourself out there you will hit a few bumps on the road. I’ve already had one guy ghost me on the day of our scheduled date and girllll he tried to pop back in my life weeks later my response: sir what we not about to do is act like you didn’t ghost me weeks ago (blocked). Just because you’re having fun DON’T TAKE ANY BS from these men, keep your standards of what your willing to accept and not accept when i comes to dating.

Rule #3 Always be yourself, and never apologize for that.

After my 3rd date, I realized that I’m truly a whole vibe, yes you know you the shit but getting confirmation while on a date is so refreshing- not confirmation from the person but from your inner aura you can just feel the energy and vibe. There’s so much beauty in being yourself and going with the flow but also, remember you’re single, good vibes come and go.

Rule #4 Keep your heart and mind open to the world.

When a person is single, they are free to direct all their energy and attention on new possibilities that don’t necessarily have to associate with finding Mr. Right, but instead on the care, well-being, and fulfillment of oneself. My new self-care routine includes a lot of mediation – Mind-Body and Soul. Every day I’m manifesting my intentions and what I want to create in my life. When it comes to dating I recently decided to trash my checklist and to just keep my heart and mind open. By doing this within just one month my ideal type of guy completely changed Looks – personality – qualities. I’m truly loving the woman I’m becoming.

Rule #5 Live Your Best Life

Girl, you’re single – live it, breathe it and enjoy it. No one can make you happy but you. Being single, being on your own, is the perfect opportunity for you to live your best life. Own it and stop worrying so much about finding your other half they will pop up when the time is right. Simply do what feels good and right to you for you.

Being single is a level of freedom that you don’t have when you’re in a relationship. If this is your single season this is the perfect time to find and learn yourself. Take this time to treat yourself how you want to be treated – please yourself – enjoy yourself and catch vibe here and there!

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