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6 Decluttering Tips To Help Conquer Your Messy Makeup Vanity

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We’re only a couple weeks into the New Year and I still have so much to get in order. I got a late start on cleaning and organizing my house for the new year due to all the traveling I’ve done recently. My main goal this year was to make my small spaces less cluttered,  how do you do de-cluttering  you small areas?  I decided to start with my makeup area It’s not that it’s a mess – it’s just a little cluttered with items everywhere.


On my recent trip to Target I purchased some organizers to help tidy up back home. Here’s a quick tip before you go out and buy anything to help with de-cluttering: be sure to organize as much as possible first. This will help narrow down what you really need to purchase. As you can see, I just needed a little help with de-cluttering, especially for the products that I use the most, and I had trash old out-dated items. I’m still at the beginning stages of my de-cluttering but Target helped me get an early start. Here are a couple more tips that I’m to using to help me with de-cluttering:

1. Gather up your stash

2.Figure out what to keep and what to toss.

3.Check expiration dates (ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this?”)

4.Keep only the products you use daily out in the open

5.Create new storage solutions for product not used so mutch

6. Be sure to lean everything





Next up I’ll be de-cluttering my shampoos, trashing all old products and only keeping what I love. While on the same target run I stumbled upon a new Shea Moisture line, it wouldn’t be a new year without new SheaMoisture product lines and although these products were actually released  close to the end of last year, they really haven’t been that visible online or in stores. This particular line comes with shampoo, co-wash, masque, styling gel and finishing elixir. I just picked a couple to try out, be on the lookout for my full review coming soon.


Hope this post was helpful with all your de-cluttering meeds.

To Help Conquer Your Messy Makeup Vanity

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