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Leatherette Loving

Tis the season to pull out all your Leather and if you're on a budget like me we pull out our Faux Leather. As the colder months approach I always look forward to pulling out my leatherette pants, ... READ the POST

I Am A Burn Survivor

Who would've thought that on July 11, 2019, my life would forever be changed, I literally saw my life flash before my eyes? As many of you know I was involved in a house fire almost 3 weeks ago, ... READ the POST

Plus Size Outfit Ideas

Dress HERE - Booties HERE - Bag HERE Dress HERE - Bag HERE - Shoes HERE - Earrings HERE Blazer HERE - Pants HERE - Bodysuit HERE - Shoes HERE - Bag HERE Dress HERE - Shoes HERE - Bag HERE- ... READ the POST

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