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A Guy’s Guide to Buying Plus Size Lingerie For His Girl

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So many men use Valentine’s Day as a good reason to buy lingerie for their woman. What if you walked into your bedroom on Valentine’s Day and saw that your gut had a lingerie set laid out on the bed, would you feel special? But the real question is do guys even know how shop for plus size lingerie? They may think it more a thing for the ladies, whether they be the kind you’d see hired for a special occasion (like those from or their partner. Looks like it’s time for things to change though. Guys you better get out those pens and paper and get ready, I’ve created A Guy’s Guide to Buying Plus Size Lingerie.

1. Look in her drawer first. Without looking too creepy, check out her underwear drawer, see if she prefers thongs, g-strings or booty shorts/boy shorts? You can certainly try to buy her something new and different, but be sure you are thinking of her, too. Not just what you want to see her in.. Better yet, dig your favorite item out of her drawer and take it with you to the store. (Keep it in a shopping bag to avoid looking like a creep.)
2. Gather size info. Be sure to right down her bra and panty size along with her dress size. This is going to help you figure out what size to buy her. Write everything on your cell phone, so you will have them everywhere you go. Also, keep in mind you may need to go up a size if you’re dealing with fabric that doesn’t stretch. Do, however, buy something that comes in sizes. Don’t buy one size fits all when it comes to plus size lingerie, that just won’t work for a curvy girl.

3. Pay attention to the colors she likes to wear. Are there colors you know she hates? There is likely a theme in her wardrobe. Does she like neutrals? Does she wear yellows or oranges? Do you see her wearing a lot of reds or purples? Pay a bit of attention, so you know what not to buy. I am sure there are some colors she hates and some colors she loves.

4. Find out where to shop. You’ll be surprised by how many stores cater to plus size women when it comes to lingerie. One of my fave places to shop for lingerie is Simplybe which is an online store based in the UK. They have a large selection of lingerie to choose from and a large variety of sizes. By doing a quick google search for plus size lingerie, you’ll find so many stores to chose from.


5. Ask yourself the hard questions. Does it look comfortable? Does it have stretch? Is this her style? Women look good when they fill good, so make sure your playing into her confidence.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for expert advice. When you shop for lingerie and not purchasing online, you will be visited by sales reps that can assist you with what you are searching for. Don’t be bothered or embarrassed to ask their help. Ask their opinion and advice. Give them all the details you got and get their advice on what she prefer the most.

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While buying lingerie for your girlfriend has bonus points for you, to be effective, it needs to be about your girl.Think of it as, by buying them for her, you’ll effectively be buying them for yourself, if that’s any help. So be sensitive to what your girl already likes, get her size right and stick to the nice stuff. Choose something as beautiful as she is; then you’ll most likely be handsomely rewarded.


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This post was sponsored by Simplybe, all opinions are me own.

Guide to Buying Plus Size Lingerie
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