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Finding My Fit With Always

I have to be honest, I’m a plus size woman and I’ve always had problems with choosing pads when I’m on the period. I blame most of my leaks on the lack of sizing charts and information printed on the packaging which kind of implies that pads are one size fit all. I’m so happy that we live in a world where everything can be personalized, including our pads. Always just introduced a new sizing system called Always My Fit to help you find the best coverage based on both your flow and panty size for both day and night. Today on the blog I’m to going share how to choose the right pad size using the new Always My Fit Size Chart.

Choosing the right size of pads is a must for women who are menstruating. Some women experience a heavier flow than others. Did you know 60% of women are wearing the wrong size pad! Women aren’t one size fits all, so why would they wear the same size pad?  There are certain factors women must consider when choosing sanitary pads. I mainly pay attention to the size of the pad and the absorbency power. The new Always My Fit system was developed and designed to help girls and women avoid leaks during the day and at night.

How to Find The Right Size

You first want to determine your panty size and the flow of your period. Once you have mentally noted that information head to your nearest store that has a feminine care aisle. Review the Always My Fit sizing chart at the top and determine what’s best for you.


I went ahead and tried three different sizes to find My Fit. I’m a women’s size 20/22 and size 4 was perfect for me while my flow was regular. The size 5 was perfect for my heavy days. The size 3 was a little too small which caused the wings to wrinkle up. Overall I do find this sizing chart very helpful. I actually offered my feedback to the Always team when I met with them in Cincinnati and they shared that size 5 is XL+. I recommended factoring this into future packaging so plus size women know that Always has them covered.  

80% of women experience leaks every month. The good news is that 100% of them can now change that thanks to Always My Fit. Always is here to help give us a better experience when it’s that time of the month. This new sizing chart is definitely a lifesaver.


This post is sponsored by Always and done as part of an ongoing collaboration as a #AlwaysAmbassador. As always, all statements and opinions are my own!




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