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Be Your Own Beautiful With Cantu

This post is sponsored by Cantu.

As I embark on round 2 of my natural hair journey, I’m starting to notice that my hair is a little thicker and my curls are a little tighter. I’m trying new products left and right mainly because I still haven’t found my go to hair product. IMG_0057 I was given the opportunity to try some products from Cantu Beauty, and I really loved the message that this brand is sending: “Be Your Own Beautiful” -there’s no such thing as perfect hair/perfect curls. This message spoke to me because my hair is on its own new journey and my curls aren’t perfect. Being natural you do get discouraged at times, seeing other naturals with beautiful curls/styles and you’re looking at your hair like “why wasn’t I blessed with good hair?”Today I’m here to tell you we all have good hair, you just have to put in the time and work for it.

I was sent a box of products to try out and out of everything, my favorite was the Coconut Curling Cream from Cantu’s Natural Collection. This was a great moisturizer and helped me achieve my first puff since the big chop back in December. This cream had my hair smelling and looking great; In fact for the first time I rocked my natural hair out for almost a week (I’m surprised). Looking for a good product to help achieve the perfect twist then be sure to purchase this curling cream asap.  I was my own beautiful by rocking my natural hair and not caring if my hair was perfect, as long as I felt beautiful I was ok. unnamed-3 (1) Join in on Be Your Own Beautiful (#BYOBeautiful) campaign and share what #BYOBeautiful means to you (post photos of what makes them uniquely beautiful) on social media using the hashtag and @cantubeauty for a chance to be featured in Cantu’s posts and to win a deluxe gift box. Can’t wait to see your pictures!!!!!

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