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It’s Not Us It’s Them

Yes this is a rant and I need to clear my mind and let my followers know that we are on the same page….

me start of by saying in no way shape or form is this a post to bash
any brand it’s purpose is for my readers to understand it’s not us it’s
It all started as I was browsing the web
early this morning and I came across  Forever21 and noticed a plus size coat for $54, my first thought was ” HOLD UP Forever21 are we doing it like that now?
” Since when did Forever21 sale anything over $50 in the plus size
section (maybe a shoes here and there) please correct me if I’m
wrong. Forever21 has always been my all time favorite place to shop for plus
size clothing since 201,1 seeing this price really bothered me read my reasons below:
1. Forever21 has always been known for trendy affordable fashions with an affordable price range from $5-$40 within the plus size section.
2. I shop forever21 mainly because I don’t have to break bank to look trendy chic and cute,
3. I’m a single mother who’s on a budget and Forever21 always fit into my budget.

4. Are they preparing us for new higher price points?

Further more my disappointment doesn’t just stop at the increased price but also carries over to the sizing.
June I noticed that I had to size up 2 sizes in a pair of shorts I went from a 18
to 22 (I was mortified), fast forward 3 weeks later I went
back to F21 for a pair of jeans and I had the same problem which
quickly made me discredit F21’s sizing. If I wasn’t so aware of my body
trust me I when I say I would of been depressed knowing that I was just a size 18
now I’m a size 22 not to mention that’s basically the last size available in F21
bottoms. For the past two weeks I have been popping into my local F21 for a all black Moto jacket and to my surprise I found  over 30 jackets on a rack full of sizes  XL and 1X, that assured me that it wasn’t me (my body) . Maybe the solution is to change out the fit model for more accurate measurements I’m not sure.
Forever21 use to be my
one stop shop up until this past June. In the past 3 months I have
spent $0 on F21 plus size clothing, mainly because of the sizing. As much I love Forever21 I had to hold back from purchasing certain items, I advise for all those who shop F21 plus be careful and shop smart below I have listed some tips that will help you and won’t leave you feeling like the victim or bit discouraged. Remember its not US it’s Them!

Tips For Shopping F21 Plus
1. Look at the material, be sure to pay attention to stretch %
2. Check out the model and what size she’s wearing, I use this a lot when shopping online.
3. READ the reviews they are very helpful.
4. Check with your favorite blogger, I’m a blogger and I still do this on a regular.
5. Be Mindful of Forever 21’s refund policy it’s usually  xchange only, but I have received a full refund when I have ordered online and sent back via mail within 30 days.
My Forever21 Wishlist
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