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Fragrance Favorites That Are Perfect For Mother’s Day

One of my favorite childhood memories has to be watching my mom great dressed for work/outings. I use to sit around waiting for her to finish off her look with her favorite fragrance. From there my mother would also signal for me to come her way so she could share her scent of the day with me. I’m now living out the same memories with my daughter except we debate about which will be out fragrance fit the day. What mom doesn’t love looking and smelling good and with Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to gift fragrance to the mom in your life. My special mom is my grandmother and I know she’s going to love the fragrance I picked for her from Sephora.

Now that I am a mother myself, Mothers Day has become a different kind of day for me. Bittersweet, mainly because my mother isn’t here anymore. Even though my mother is no longer here with me her scent lives in my memory forever.  Everyone has a scent and your mother’s scent will forever be stuck with you from childhood. My mother always picked floral, citrus scents which I make sure to include in when picking out my Fragrances.

I love when my mini-me watches me get dressed and grabs our fragrance of the day. Sometimes we even have to toss a coin to figure out the scent of the day. Our current favorite fragrance is Versace Bright Crystal and after taking Sephora’s Fragrance Quiz – online I found a new favorite Marc Jacobs Daisy which has the floral citrus scent that reminds me of my mother.

Getting perfume for a Mom is a very personal and special gift that you definitely want to take your time choosing – you want to help create memories. If you’re looking something special or the perfect scent for a loved one in your life – be sure to head to

Sephora to take a Fragrance Quiz HERE  

This Post was sponsored by Sephora. All opinions are my own!



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