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Motivation Monday: How Welfare Helped Me “A Single Mom” Get My Life Together

Being on your own as a single mom is not an easy task; it does not matter the circumstances behind the situation or what hardship led you to your position in life. Whether a single mother has one child or multiple, money can get tight and life can and will weigh you down just ask me about it. Fortunately, assistance is available to single moms if they are willing to look for it and complete the steps required to make it happen. I’m living proof that welfare can help you get your life together. Life as a single parent can sometimes be even harder if you are an immigrant. A friend of mine has recently applied for immigrant benefits to help her get back on her feet. Part of this process involves assessing your eligibility for immigrant benefits. Although form g-325a is no longer typically used for immigration applications or petitions, understanding its previous uses can help people to understand the types of information that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services usually requests when determining applications for certain immigrant benefits. Correspondingly if you are an immigrant in need of financial support then you can head to the Nova Credit website to learn more about applying for immigrant benefits.


Here’s a little on my welfare story (I’ll share more later)

I’ve been a single mother since my child’s birth and it was really tough. I have family and friends who helped me but I’d never been through this before so I was completely clueless. Luckily, because I had my family and friends, plus the internet, I started to know my way around motherhood. There were a few things I had to ask about, like baby shudders but apparently baby shudders are nothing to worry about according to Best For Mums. However, even though I had all of the emotional support and knowledge, I quickly started to experience and understand the struggles that my mother had faced while raising me alone without my father. I had my daughter at the age of 20 (turned 21 two months later) and at that time all I had was my cosmetology license. I had lots of moral support but financially I had no one, knowing that I couldn’t afford daycare while I went to work I decided to utilize the government’s resources/welfare. I searched high and low on my state welfare’s site for different welfare programs then I begin to understand how welfare worked. During my 4 years on welfare, I went to college and finished, landed a full-time job making $32,000 (Now I work for myself) and I saved money to open my first business. Welfare helped me obtain childcare while I was at work and school, covered medical bills, and gave me extra cash/food snaps for living expenses. As I’m sure you’ll all know, living does cost a lot. The more financial help single mothers can get, the better. Trying to fund everything with one income is never easy, however, there are ways to save money. One of my friends recently switched energy suppliers to save money. She switched over to Think Energy after she found an affordable plan to suit her financial situation. It’s so important that people do change utility suppliers every now and then, as other companies will be offering better deals which will allow people to save money. This money can then be spent on another bill. Life is all about paying bills, so be sure all of yours are affordable. I bet a lot of you are asking how was I able to save money while still on welfare, there was a program which allowed me to work full-time and still collect some of my benefits. Right at the beginning, I knew that welfare was not forever, I utilized the resources made goals then moved once I was able to fully support myself. Welfare helped me manage/shape my life as a single mother.


Single mothers, we have so much assistance and help available there really is no excuses for not taking part in any of it. In the end, it is simply a matter of taking a look and putting the effort into getting the program or assistance that will help make their lives that much easier; a little bit of effort can go a long way into making a world of difference. All of the programs and opportunities listed and mentioned below have been created and are designed to help low-income families. By investigating to see what all your state offers and applying for these programs, you can make your life as a single mother much easier and more manageable.


Federal or State welfare programs

  • Healthcare- Medicaid
  • Food stamps- Snap
  • Cash aid- TANF

Child care assistance- This is a block grant program to states and local public and private agencies who administer child care programs to low-income families. Infant care- regular daycare- afterschool care.

Job training and placement- These are a myriad of training programs administered by the Department of Labor (DOL) to provide job training, displacement and employment services generally targeting low-income Americans.

Housing Assistance- Various housing programs are administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) including rental assistance, public housing, and various community development grants. Also, check with your local welfare office for help with move in security deposits

Non-profit programs- Non-profit programs offer assistance to people all across the globe from all walks of life.

  • Single Parent Advocate As way of describing their purpose, Single Parent Advocate writes on their home page that their purpose is to educate and empower single parents; they offer resources and assistance that helps them improve their lives
  • Parents Without Partners This organization’s chapters are run exclusively by volunteer members; it offers educational activities, family activities, and adult social and recreational activities as well as service projects and various services such as babysitting, clothing supplies, and toy exchanges
  • Phillips Charitable Organization This organization was originally founded in order to supply aid to many individuals including single parents.
  • Jeremiah Program This program is a non-profit organization that supplies education and training for both single mothers and their children. The goal of the program is cultivate in single mothers and children their determination to be successful and move forward with whatever challenges they may face.
  • Helping Hands for Single Moms Helping Hands is a community-based nonprofit that works with poverty-stricken single mothers who are continuing their education; they help them through their classes and help them reach their goals of financial independence
  • HOPE Network Inc. HOPE is an acronym that stands for holistic-opportunities-parenting-education; as the main purpose of this organization, HOPE is used to assist single mothers in all aspect that they find themselves needing help with
  • Salvation Army and Catholic Charities– provide housing assistance with the objective of ending homelessness for single-parent families. They work by connecting individuals to professional case management, financial aid programs, rental grants and trained mentoring groups from local offices. They also help with Christmas list.

If you have any questions or in need of help with searching for services in your state I’m only an email away.

I would love to help you.




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