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Someones getting old It’s my 27th birthday!

I’m so blessed to see another year! I swear I never saw/thought of my life past the age of 25 it was all just a blur. Last year I just sat and cried on my birthday mainly because I was scared of old age but today I welcome my birthday, the older I get the wiser I become and the gifts get better! I’m only joking, gifts aren’t the thing that is important about having a birthday, but it is lovely when someone gets you something that suits you perfectly, for instance, a friend recently had her birthday too and her partner got her a lampe de lune (that’s a moon lamp) with their picture in it, it’s beautiful, perfect, and matches who they are. That comes through knowing someone properly over the years. 
This past year I have lots to be thankful for one thing in particular is guidance, when I’m confused about where I’m going in life God guides me and never leaves my side until I understand. I don’t want to get to emotional so I will leave it at that HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE!
With this birthday coming up I asked myself “What’s something I haven’t done?” and of course I said a birthday photo shoot! I used this opportunity to show case this beautiful gown (2 piece set) called Gloria  from Fame and Partners which is from the X Collection brought to you by Liz Black. This collection of evening gowns has 11 different styles to choose from, sizes go from U.S. 12 to 22. Fame and Partners were kind enough to send over this set and you guys know how much I love my crop tops. of course I was in awwww! I’m in love with this dress, it feels like it was made just for me. This Collection is very chic and has something for every girl, major s/o to Liz Black on this fabulous collection. If you’re looking for a evening gown be sure to check out the X Collection you will be happy!

Thanks to the talented Myah from M. Jones Imaging for capturing these shots check out more of her work HERE

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