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How Create Your Girl Boss Look

Whether you’re making boss moves in your career or finally stepping out into entrepreneurship, a boss always needs a stylish wardrobe to go with goal chasing. I’m a firm believer of staying within your comfort zone even if you like to keep it cute and casual. Today on the blog its all about how to create your Girl Boss look!

How Create Your Girl Boss Look

As an entrepreneur, my schedule little hectic. Okay, a lot hectic. Nonetheless, that’s no excuse not to look my best. Every morning I walk into my closet and immediately say -I Have Nothing To Waer. But then I realize wait-I have lots to wear! To be honest, I have a  great wardrobe that aligns with the aesthetic of my brand and business. I’m always revamping my closet to cater to my lifestyle. Here are a couple key tips for creating your girl boss look.

How Create Your Girl Boss Look

Find Your Inspiration-Ok let’s be honest, we all need inspiration. It’s hard coordinating a wardrobe when you simply don’t know what you want. Finding fashion inspiration isn’t hard, try looking through fashion magazines and blogs that highlight amazing style. This will help narrow down trends and give you lots of style inspiration.


Eloquii- Peach Lift Jean

Figure Out What You Love- Like I stated above: I’m a firm believer of staying within your comfort zone. I’m a prime example- I LOVEEEEEEE denim, you will see me in denim jeans at least 4 days out of the week. I’ve incorporated jeans into my boss look which fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of my brand and business

Eloquii- Peach Lift Jean

Staple Wardrobe Pieces-No matter your closet size, one thing that seriously makes life simpler is having a solid foundation for your wardrobe. Building your closet around a few staple wardrobe pieces that can be worn year-round will guarantee that you always have something to wear. Blazers happen to be another one of Girl Boss style favorites. You can look instantly put together with a blazer.

How Create Your Girl Boss Look

Finding your #GirlBoss Look is very important. Looking and feeling like a Girl Boss makes a major impact on your self-confidence. It’s time to prepare for the future so you can walk into your season ready to slay.

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