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How I Fight The Winter Blues (Winter Chic)

If you read my blog during the winter months then you know I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder aka Winter Blues, I laugh but I do. This winter I’ve really been trying my best not to let it get the best of me, I’m here to share how I’m beating S.A.D. is winter.

As a full-time blogger, it’s very imperative that I keep my content up to date and stay active on my social media accounts, but with winter comes a lack of motivation and no energy. Of course, this is one of the negatives of being an influencer. As you’re basically self-employed, you don’t have to post constantly, which can reduce motivation even more. However, it’s important that we get ourselves out of that mood and start posting more if we want to advance our career. As a blogger and a social media user, it’s important that I do keep my followers updated with what’s happening in my life. Without posting constantly, I would lose followers and would soon be out of this job. However, if I ever want to give myself a few days off, I could always use an instagram growth tool to help my Instagram grow in popularity.

Sometimes, we all need days off, but I also need to keep growing my social media accounts, so growth tools can be particularly beneficial for those winter months where energy is low. When it’s cold and dark outside, I would rather curl up in a ball on my memory foam mattress and watch Netflix than go outside. For me, winter is a big deal mainly because I grew up in the south where winter isn’t the same as winter up north. During the colder seasons, I always feel like my life is coming to end, and it’s very depressing. I’ve expressed my concern on how I feel during the winter many times, I’ve even gone as far as seeking out therapy. I have also been researching the use of cannabis for depression and I am very surprised at the how effective it can be. I even know some people who are learning to grow marijuana for their own personal use to help with depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other mental health problems.

This depression just didn’t seem real until last summer when I noticed something weird, just the thought of winter made my whole mood charge for hours, yes it was that serious. As the winter started to approach mid-Nov, I made a promise to myself to be strong and not let S.A.D. get the best of me. That’s when all I could think about was how to be winter chic of course I used clothes as motivation, I am a fashion blogger! Although I love clothes, I had to dig deep down inside and find new hobbies and be in my feelings during winter. By doing so, I started focusing on other aspects of my life such as:
Eating Healthy
Starting a Regular Routine
Exposing Myself to more Sun Light
Embracing the Season using Winter Chic as My Motivation
It’s safe to say that I’ve been kicking the winter blues in the butt the past couple of weeks. The winter blues is a mild depression that you can overcome with a little push. If all else fails start planning winter vacations…..

Winter is all about being comfortable but still chic. Feeling good in myself with stylish clothing also helps beat off the winter blues. Online clothes shopping just manages to put a smile back on my face. Recently, I’ve been trying to find a fashionable new coat for winter, and I’ve found some super stylish ones in the Love Token clothing section from Monroe Fashion. Until I purchase my dream winter coat, rue21+ is my go-to spot for comfy/chic gear. How cute is this Mickey Mouse Tee I fell in love when I saw it, I don’t care if I’m a little to old to rock Mickey lol. PSA ladies if you don’t have a removable faux fur collar then you need to get one asap, it will glam up any jacket.

Do you suffer from Winter Blues? How do you overcome it?

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