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How To Be Fearless While Showing Off Your Arms

This post is sponsored by DOVE. All opinions are my own 

A couple of years an ago at  Curvy`Con, I was quoted for saying “I Love My Arms.”  Quickly after that, many women, not only plus size, reached out to me sharing that they disliked showing their arms, and asked how I became so confident with wearing outfits that showed them off. Some of them shared concerns and fears were all very valid issues that we’ve all dealt with. Many women had difficulties with excessive perspiration, odors, and stains. Others had an issue with carrying some of their weight in their arms. Listen, Ladies, If it’s any of the above I’m here to show how to be fearless while showing off your arms.


Being that I often get sweaty underarms, protection is the most important factor for me when choosing an antiperspirant. So, it’s a must I use something that can protect me from both odor and wetness. DOVE is one brand that has been a staple for me and this has been since grade school. I’ve been a DOVE girl for over 10 Years and they have yet to steer me wrong. My current favorite deodorant is DOVE Dry Spray Antiperspirant. As soon as I spray it on, it dries instantly and keeps me fresh all day. An added bonus is that it keeps my underarms feeling super smooth.


Now it’s time to OWN IT. When I’m running around getting things done I want to feel confident – with DOVE Dry Spray Antiperspirant, I’m guaranteed no pit stains and smelling fresh. When it comes to having insecurities with weight I always think If I can’t change something within the next 7 days, I can’t worry about it – Don’t worry about your flaws because no one else is, and if they are they are a hater. PERIOD.

Top Here – Jeans Here– Shoes Here

Summer has come to an end for most of the US states, but us Florida girls know that we will have this summer and heat for a few more weeks/months. Even though I’m ready to get into these fall fashions, I’m not going to complain too much because I actually like having the option of not covering my arm (wearing sleeves) 80% of the year. And no matter the weather/season  I can say thanks to my DOVE Dry Spray Antiperspirant, I’m confident about feeling and smelling fresh every day.

Here’s to being fearless while showing off your arms.



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