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Motivation Monday: 3 Things I wish I knew Before My Mother Died

September made a year since my mother passed. Losing my mother and best friend was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to deal with. Last year a friend of mine died after an awful accident that wasn’t her fault, her family hired one of those wrongful death attorneys for the lawsuit which went on for ages and it was awful for her family as I felt that the grieving process was prolonged because of the lawsuit, little did I know that it doesn’t take a law suit for grief to continue for ages that it until my mother died and now I understand even more. The grief lives on and I have my days where I just can’t move, eat or sleep. It’s a new normal, I’m now a part of the motherless tribe. But I’m not alone. I’m lucky enough to have a good girlfriend who decided to share her loss and grief on a greater level, she wrote a book called Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died: Coping with Loss Every Day, by Ty Alexander. I’m really impressed (and still struggle to believe) that this only her first book – everything in it is perfect. It’s hard to pull off something so polished without a team behind you. Most debut authors tend to have people to take care of copy editing, design, and more to help create a product that’s ready to head to print. Ty managed to make me smile, laugh and cry in just the first chapter. I’m coping with loss every day and today I’m sharing 3 things I wish I knew Before My Mother Died.

“Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey is one of the top bloggers today. She has a tremendous personal connection with her readers. This is never more apparent than when she speaks about her mother. The pain of loss is, unfortunately, universal. Yet, we all grieve differently. For Alexander, the grieving process is one that she lives with day-to-day. Learning from her pain, Alexander connects with her readers on a deeply emotional level in her debut book, Things I Wish I Knew before My Mom Died. From grief counseling to sharing insightful true stories, Alexander offers comfort, reassurance, and hope in the face of sorrow. In this soul-touching book, mourners will find meaning and wisdom in grieving and the love that will always remain.”


Don’t take your loved ones for granted– like what Ty said the first chapter of her book, We’ve been duped; everyone dies. I too thought my mother was supposed to live forever there was so much that I wanted to experience with my mother. So many things I took for granted. Everyone dies at some point and we need to make the best memories with them while they’re still alive.

Love up on your loved ones- a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a simple I love you is all that is needed. I was lucky enough to spend time with and care for my mom in her 18 months of fighting cancer. I made sure I cuddled with her every chance I got, even when she was in so much pain. She welcomed the love. When I told her to have a look at these Medterra CBD products, (click here to learn more about their coupons) to see if they would help with her pain, she pushed that option aside and told me that she just wanted my cuddles. She considered that to be her pain relief, instead of trying something that had been known to work by my closest friends. She was a fighter, and I will cherish those cuddles for the rest of my life. When I lost her, I was broken. I knew what was coming but the pain was still unimaginable. When previously researching CBD oil, I found that it was used to help depression so I thought I’d try some. I was in such a slump but the oil seemed to help me get out of it and appreciate those hospital days that were filled with lots of holding hands and I love you’s. Now I’m making sure to show my loved ones love daily and not just during the hard times.
Be Obsessively Grateful – Chapter 5 is all about being grateful for everything that has happened to you. The good and the bad because it makes you who you are today. You see my mom wasn’t always in my life. She struggled with addiction which led to my grandmother gaining full custody of me when I was 7. At age 11 I went to live with my father for the rest of my teen years. My mother came back into my life when I graduated from high school. I never judge her for sickness/addiction, I was just happy to have back in my life. When I had my daughter at 20 that’s when I went to live with my mother and our bond became stronger than ever. I was simply grateful that I was able to build a relationship with my mother. Little did I know that 8 years later I would lose her to cancer. Even though I’m still grieving, I’m so grateful that I was able to reconnect with my mother and she was able to build a relationship with not just me but also her granddaughter. #beobsessivelygrateful

This book walks you through the cycle of mourning and coping. Ty managed to capture all of my thoughts and feelings as I adapt to the new normal of being a part of the motherless tribe. Her willingness to open up share her experience will keep you engaged and wanting to read more. Be sure to grab a copy for not only yourself but also a girlfriend who may need it.

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Hope this Post Motivates and Inspires You To Connect With Your Loved Ones.



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