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How to Create a Work From Home routine While Homeschooling / Distance learning

This pandemic has changed our life in some major ways. With students returning back to school this month, a lot of parents are still trying to adjust to working from home with school-aged children. As a work from home mom, I definitely had to adjust my schedule while my mini-me takes part in distance learning.  It’s very important to create a work from home routine while homeschooling/distance learning will keep everyone on track.

By having a daily routine and schedule you are setting clear expectations for yourself and your children. This truly makes life easier. My workdays are normally jammed packed. From zoom meetings to creating and planning content. I’ve been a work from home mom for about 8 years and my at-home routine keeps me pretty productive throughout the day/week. As much as I wish I could just lay around in my PJ’s all day – I just can’t.  I’m actually enjoying my at-home time with mini-me, our daily routine always starts with us in our loungewear enjoying breakfast and going over our daily tasks/ goals. 

Create a Schedule

We have created a daily family schedule that is divided into three main areas: homeschooling, working hours, and family time. This has allowed us to maintain a certain level of sanity and provides clear expectations. I like to keep things flexible and it’s important to be realistic, not pessimistic.

5 am-9 am — office hours

10 am-3 pm — homeschool hours

3 pm-5 pm — office hours

5pm- Family/Free Time

Get Creative

When it comes to creating a routine. I had to get creative with workspaces. I highly suggest creating a comfortable work area for not only yourself but also your mini-me. This can be done by creating workspaces within your home or if you community area I suggest taking advantage of it (just be safe). While I’m on zoom calls, I have mini-me occupied with work. 

Get Out Of Those PJ’s

How often are you guys getting dressed these days? Are you rocking makeup?  One thing for sure is that I miss getting dressed up and actually going places.  Since this is our ‘new normal” we might as well get back in the swing of things even if it’s just a zoom meeting. Heads up While shopping at JCPenney & Sephora inside JCP a couple of weeks ago I snatch.d up some items for myself and mini-me for both lounge and everyday wear. Let’s just say #JCPenney is my one-stop-shop for mini-me and me.

It is absolutely possible to work from home with kids, all you need is a routine and little patience. And remember to give yourself grace, don’t be so hard on yourself!



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