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How To Encourage Your Daughter To Love Her Natural Hair

I remember back when I was just a little girl who loved to play in my mother’s clothes and makeup. One thing that I was never allowed to do was touch my hair; I wasn’t even allowed to decide on which hair do I would rock for that day. I always told myself If I ever had a daughter I would show her how to care for her beautiful natural tresses. Fast-forward to 15+ years later, I now have a little girl who watches me daily, especially when it comes to taking care of my hair. It took a while for my daughter to learn to love and care for her hair but I finally think she has grown to embrace her natural hair. I teamed up with Dove™ for their #LoveYourHair campaign to share some tips on how to how to encourage your daughter to love her natural hair.

How To Encourage Your Daughter To Love Her Natural Hair

1. Start teaching them early during bath and bed time. Turn shampoo day into a fun day

My daughter has been washing her hair on her own since age 5 (of course, I check behind her). I showed her the difference between good and bad shampoos/conditioners; this helped her understand what hair is supposed to fill like during the process. I also showed her the importance of wearing a  shower cap at bath time and a  satin bonnet at night. After she did it consistently for a while, it become second-nature! Just like you create a routine for your hair, create one for your daughter too. Not just the one that you do on her hair, but also take the time to create a simple one for her to do as well.

How To Encourage Your Daughter To Love Her Natural Hair

How To Encourage Your Daughter To Love Her Natural Hair

2. Try different styles.

Natural hair is so awesome because you can do so many different styles on it. My daughter loves experimenting with looks; we don’t just stick with twists or braids. I love to try curls, updos. Your daughter will love the versatility of her tresses and gain an appreciation for her hair. Be sure to let your little girl know that natural hair can be fun by accessorizing her hair with bows and other things. One thing I plan to play around in this year is fabric or scarves; I can’t wait to see how mini I likes it.

How To Encourage Your Daughter To Love Her Natural Hair

3. Teach her about healthy and unhealthy hair.

Talk to your little girl about the difference between healthy natural hair and unhealthy hair. Tell her what it takes to get healthy hair (eating right, drinking water, taking care of the hair), and show her where her hair rates on a scale of healthy to unhealthy.

Your little girl is looking at you for cues on how to think about herself. Make sure you are demonstrating the love of your hair by taking care of it, not talking about it in a bad way, and generally being proud of the God-given hair you have. Be sure to Join on Dove™ #LoveYourHair campaign and share your personalized mother/daughter photo with creative text and images, check it out HERE



This post was sponsored by Dove™. All Opinions are my own.

Dove™ Hair is committed to broadening the definition of beautiful hair and ensuring that hair is a source of confidence, not anxiety for both women and girls. We are empowering mothers to be a leader in their daughter’s hair confidence by teaching them how to love their hair.

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