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Are You A Single Parent? Here’s How To Get Back Into To School Routine

Going back to school is always something we try to prepare our kids for. What about us the single parents? You need to work double as hard looking into the catchment areas of schools in your area. You need to scout out potential schools by yourself. You need to make the best possible decision you can with no support. Whether you’ve decided to put them in a local public school or into one of those private schools jacksonville fl, for example, you have got a lot on your plate to get done. Add to that the fact the luxury of having an easy morning not having to set an alarm clock and not to worry about after-school homework is officially over. The school time morning rush is a pain and I only have one child oh let’s we already have to be super mom and dad.

The next 36-40weeks can either be a hell or as single parent’s we can come together and make this school year great for not just our kids but also us. It can take your body some getting use too but with organization/ preparation morning school routines can be much more pleasant and relaxing. Today I’m sharing a few tips on how we can get a good jump on school routines.

How To Get Back Into To School Routine

  • Get a bedtime routine. Anything that lets you and the little one to unwind.
  • Bus/Car rider schedule, be sure to map out your morning/night around the bus and school arrival schedule. Know your child’s bus route (if this is a new bus stop ask other veteran parents about bus schedule and if the bus runs late or always on time) This can either save you so much time.
  • Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Give yourself a restful morning wake-up. Give your child a few extra minutes to adjust to getting up a bit earlier. You may want to look into how you can have coffee beans delivered to your home to give yourself a kickstart in the morning before you get used to the routine again.
  • Prep the clothes and lunches the night before. Give your child permission to help pick out clothing and lunch (this helps boost confidence where they can trust their own judgment and start accept responsibility.
  • Give your kids more responsibility in the morning. Create a check list for them to check off each morning (wash face-brush teeth-lotion-comb hair-get dressed), Another job for your child can help with fostering independence.
  • Try and set up after school care in advance. Know your YMCA or Boys and Girls Club after school hours and when they start, most after school programs start 2-3 weeks after school is already in process. Last minute after school arrangements will stress you out so, jump on that early.

How Do You Get Back Into School Routine?


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