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How To Maximize Your Singleness – Yes you girl!!!

You know, being single is not such a bad thing! This is your time to really discover who you really are and what you want out of life. Many feel that being single sucks but that time alone is so necessary and it should be empowering. During your single season, it’s important to live it up to the max. I’m not talking about being out here in these streets but really maximizing your singleness and leveling up in life. I’m here to share a few ways how you can really Maximize Your Singleness!

What do I mean by maximizing your singleness?

Maximizing your singleness simply means using 100% of your time being busy building yourself up! During this time there are many things you have to focus your attention on, and the main one is building a relationship with yourself. The purpose of maximizing your singleness is so that you can find and be your true self. This is your time you take care of your spiritual health, get to know yourself, work on your skills and talent, and build meaningful relationships.

Get to know yourself

Maximizing your singleness involves getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Try therapy to figure out what you like, who you are, your weaknesses/triggers, what inspires you, and your toxic traits. Date yourself get to know about the things that you like and dislike. You need to know what you want, who you are, and discover your true purpose.

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5 areas to focus on

Spiritual Journey– When maximizing your singleness, it’s important to prioritize your spiritual health. Whether you’re a religious person or spiritual, you must find space for prayers and meditation. . You must focus on developing or improving your spiritual relationships.

Your Skills– When you maximize your singleness, you also try to better yourself. Merge what you like and what motivates you with your skills. Your skills should help you along with your purpose in life.

Life Plan / Goals- During your single season, your life plan/ goals are very important. This is your time to map out your own future with a clear mind.

Finances– Maximizing your singleness also means maximizing your finances. The most important thing to do when you are single is to get out of debt. Especially when it comes to credit card debt, this is very crucial. Make sure you also find a way to close any outstanding loan payments. When you have a good credit score and zero debts, you might have a much better chance of being approved for loans for starting a new business or passing tenant screening procedures conducted by associations such as AAOA. You must find a way to be financially free and improve your financial literacy. Learn how to manage your money, learn how to budget, pay yourself first, teach yourself how to make money. Plus aim high and try and earn your own wealth, if you look at companies like the family office it can show you how much you need to invest to become affluent.

Relationships (Meaningful) – Maximizing your singleness doesn’t mean that you stay single without talking to other people. Find people that encourage you to be your better self. People that want what’s best for you and that support your decisions. People that want to see you win. ALSO, date as much as you can until you’re tired. When you date people, you will get an idea of what you need to improve yourself and what kind of partner you would like to have.

There are many advantages of your single day. Only the wise one can see this uniqueness that comes with singleness. Singleness is not a disease. It’s time to level!!!!




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