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How To Ready For A Night Out On The Town

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It’s Holiday season, so you know that means you’ve been invited to so many parties. Getting ready to go out is a ritual all girls treasure. It’s not just about getting dressed but also getting in the mindset that will affect the rest of your night. Today I’m sharing how I get ready for a night out on the town. Blast Your Favorite Playlist Everyone should have a least one great playlist.  Don’t just play the radio create your own playlist, this ensures that you won’t have to get up and change any song while getting ready. Your playlist with get you in the mood and ready for a night out How To Ready For A Night Out On The Town

Pour Yourself A Drink

I don’t know about you guys but I love to pour myself a glass a wine or a nice light cocktail. This is my pre-game and this drink may just help with those 5 inch heels that you may be walking and dancing around in all night. 

Shower – Groom – Glam

I personally love to shower and start the glam process at least 2 hours before I have to head out. This time frame helps keep me from having to rush. When getting ready for a night out I’m always particular with my deodorants. I personally love Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant because it’s dry and It also smells amazing.  Plus it’s long-lasting so you don’t have to worry about any weird odor after dancing too much. Plus this antiperspirant doesn’t leave any residue, which is perfect for and sleeveless dresses and tops that you may plan to wear for a night out. Dove Dry Spray antiperspirant

Pick Out An Outfit and Accessories

I usually pick out my outfit first just so I know what makeup look I’m going for. If dancing  is involved I make sure to pick out my comfy shoes. How To Ready For A Night Out On The Town

When you’re all finished getting dress make sure to double check and make sure you’re fresh. Make sure your antiperspirant is on and ready for a night of fun. What’s your routine for getting ready for a night out?

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How To Ready For A Night Out On The Town

This post was sponsored by Dove. All opinions are my own.




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