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Camo Fever

When camo print dropped a couple years ago I had so many questions. Was this going to be a big trend? Or was it just going to be a fad that would quickly fade out?  Would pus size girls be able to take part in this trend (we’re always behind) Now a couple years later, I’ve come to the conclusion that camo was not going anywhere and guess what, I love it! Camouflage isn’t just for blending in anymore. This bold trend has completely taken over.


You really can’t go wrong with camo print, it’s actually an amazing neutral that can be paired with so much. I just love the styling in my camo jackets and jeans. Below I’m sharing a couple tips for when it comes to styling camo, along with my current camo favorites.

How to Style Camo

How to Style Camo

Choose a monochrome pattern.
This may be stating the obvious, but camo looks best when the pattern is all different variations of the same color. It makes the print work more as a neutral than as a loud print, which makes it more versatile.

Stick to dark tones on pants.
To keep the print from dominating an outfit, I like to stick to darker shades when they’re worn as pants. It makes the pointless obvious and looks more put together. I love how dark my camo jeans, but I really want to try a  black or navy camo as well.

How to Style Camo

Pair it with neutrals. (Like pictured)
Some people like print mixing and getting creative with pairing colors with camo, I personally think it looks best with neutral and muted colors. Whites, greys, beiges, and blacks are always great complimentary colors. If you have a grey, white, or black camo piece, you can get a little crazier with color pairing – I personally think beige or blush would go well!

Balance out the edgy vibe.
By nature camo kind of gives off an edgy vibe, try and balance it out with other pieces to soften the look. In the outfit above I added an oversized sweater and cute bag to tone down the overall look.

Try it as a dress.
If you don’t feel like your style is edgy enough to rock camo, try it as a dress.

How to Style Camo

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Camouflage really has endless options when it comes to different looks. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone because it looks like camo is one trend that is here to stay.

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