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How To Wear My Yellow And Not Look Like Big Bird

Yellow is a color that can be difficult to pull off, well for me it is….. Yellow is a very bright and fun color to wear, it’s  associated with fun, happiness, laughter, optimism, and positivity.  But not knowing the right way to rock yellow can be problematic especially as a plus size girl (I don’t want to look like big bird lol).

 plus size wide leg pants

Yellow won’t be everyone’s favorite, but there are different shades you can try, from bright and neon to a dark one, my favorite is mustard.

So, Why is yellow so popular lately? It’s super easy to combine with all your favorite accessories, shoes and clothing essentials. It can be paired with neutral colors, like white, black, grey, blue, navy, etc. And it even looks good with prints/stripes.

 plus size wide leg pants

About The Look:  I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect plus size wide leg pants for a long time, and the fact I found a pair of colored pants was a pretty big score. The fit is amazing (rocking a size 18)). When it comes to styling, I decided to play it safe – again I don’t want to look like big bird lol. I kept it sexy up top and simple on the bottom.

Lane Bryant Shoes

In all, if you’re a little intimidated by such a bold color like I was, you can start off with splashes of it in your accessories or you can play it safe and style it like so. Whatever way you choose to rock this fun hue, wear it with confidence and have fun!

Shop This Look plus size wide leg pants plus size wide leg pants This post was sponsored by River Island. All opinions are my own.

Photos: G5 Photography



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