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JOHNSON’S® For Adults “My Beauty Hacks”


One day I was visiting a friend (who doesn’t have any children) while visiting I went to use her bathroom and upon entering I noticed a bottle of baby oil sitting on the tub, because of my cueiosity  I had no choice but to ask her what she used baby oil for and was shocked at her response.  I quickly learned that Johnsons baby products was not only children but also adults. Over the past 10 years I have been including Johnsons baby products into my beauty routines, in this post I’ll be sharing my top beauty hacks while using some Johnsons Baby Products.


First up baby powder:


Baby Powder

Ease thigh chafing- just apply a little on the palms of your hands and pat in between your thighs.

Makeup trick- Use a makeup brush to Dust on top of makeup to hold in place all day and it will help mattify makeup/control oil

Second Baby Oil:

Johnson’s Baby oil makeup remover

Baby Oil

Remove my makeup/lipstick

Conditioning  Makeup Brushes- helps remove concealer and foundation build up

Third Baby Shampoo:


Baby Shampoo

Clean makeup brushes

Forth Baby Oil Gel:


Baby Oil Gel

Shaving- oil up those legs and shave away, watch how you smooth your legs will feel afterwards

Moisture after a shower- apply on damp doby

Fifth Baby Lotion 


Baby Lotion

Moisture- turns into a matte silky feeling rather than a greasy feeling. Its great for oily skin as it helps to reduce shine and absorb oil.

Johnson baby products have saved me so much money and helped me with my skin problems here and there. There are so many benefits of using baby-safe products as an adult. What are some of the ways you use Johnsons products?

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This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S®, all opinions are my own.





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