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Makeup 101 Series- Foundation

Foundation for Beginners


Before you pick the formula, you need to find out the right formulation for your skin.

  •  Oily Skin- look for oil-free,oil-control

  •  Dry skin- moisturizing foundations, hydrating, moisture-rich.

  •  Combination of both-  Cream-to-powder bases work great. 

 Mineral foundations work well with all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

  1. Consider if you want a light or medium-coverage. If you have good skin, but want to even out a few ruddy areas, consider a light coverage. For women with really uneven skin tone or blemishes, consider a medium-coverage foundation. You could even try something like this Jane Iredale powder if you would prefer a powder foundation.
  2. For professional help show up to the makeup counter with a clean, fresh face that is moisturized.  Don’t  show up already wearing foundation.
  3. Make sure you test the product in broad day light and not just in the store lightning, as it can be deceiving.
  4. Never test it on your hand. Always test it on your jawline & then double test it on your forehead to see if the it matches your natural skin tone.
  5. Sometimes you have to blend two different shades to match your skin tone.
  6. Drug store makeup can get you confused that’s why it is always best to seek out professional.
*TAKE NOTE*The wrong foundation can make you look fake/and ghost like.



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