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How I’m Making Money Moves Walking Into 2019

As an entrepreneur, one of my goals for 2018 was having a steady income and I have to say 2018 “financially” has been pretty amazing for me. But you know, as they say, more money more problems, let’s just say adulting hit me pretty hard this year. I plan on ending this 4th quarter with a bang here’s how I’m walking into 2019 making money moves.

plus size suit

First, you definitely need to look fly walking into 2019 and nothing looks more official than a power suit that will have you looking all boss like. As soon as I saw this tailored suit at Lane Bryant the first thought that came to mind was ” I Make Money Moves” ( thanks Cardi B this has been my motto all year long). This suit couldn’t be more me and it’s super comfy. Right Now LB has a large variety of tailored suits in a number of colors and I saw a couple of prints. When it comes to fit I give them to thumbs up because most of the bottoms are offered in tall and short plus they have stretch (if it doesn’t have stretch I’m not wearing it) plus I’m loving the added details -faux leather trim on the these pants is super chic.  I’m definitely feeling LB’s fall selects and will add more items to my closet to making sure I’m looking chic while making money moves.

 Now let’s dive into other ways I’m making money moves walking into 2019

Creating A Financial Budget That Supports My Goals

Right now it’s very important for me to create a budget that supports my goals. I’m getting older and it’s time to figure out what I really want out of life. I’ve always had a vision/dream of the kind of life that I would like to live but is it realistic-  financially? Now more than ever it’s time for me to start making some serious financial goals by prioritizing my goals and savings. Pretty soon I’ll be buying a home or a car and I don’t want to question if I can afford it or not.

plus size suit

Double Checking My Emergency Fund

Let’s keep it real the average American household has less than a month’s worth of income in liquid savings, An emergency fund is an essential part of everyone’s financial plan especially me as an entrepreneur. This is the money you should have earmarked for unexpected events, such as a medical bill, emergency room visit or unexpected hospitalization. This past summer was truly ruff for me and I realized during the struggle that I didn’t have enough money in my emergency fund. But hey at least I had one. At the end of this 4th quarter, I plan to have a solid emergency fund at least 4-6 months ahead.

plus size suit

Paying  Attention to My Credit Score

I soooooo wish I would have listened to my parents when they drilled me about credit or maybe even had a high school course on budgeting and credit. Let’s just say I wish my credit was better but I’m using the rest of 2018 to create a game plan on how I’m going pay off debt and get my credit score up.

In all,  I plan on stepping into 2019 making smart money moves and of course looking fly while doing so. I’m currently finishing up my financial planning and savings for 2019, it’s going to a great year. Here’s to making money moves in 2019!!!!

plus size suit

This post was sponsored by Lane Bryant All opinions are my own.



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