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Motivation Monday: Hey Girl Here’s Why You Need Stop Looking For Validation/Support

Who remembers motivation Monday ? I know It’s been forever since I’ve posted a motivational piece but I’m backkkkk! Today’s post is dedicated to all my girls seeking validation /support from others. So what triggered this post you ask – it all started from a few random FB post in which I noticed everyone complaining about the lack of support from others. Well I’m here to tell you girl -look in the mirror your validation & support is right there.

So we’ve all been guilty time and again of seeking approval and validation from other people. In fact, a huge part of our adolescent and young adult years centers around not only trying to form an identity of who we are and what we stand for, but also determining if our sense of self is accepted by the people in our lives

You’ll never meet their expectations, and that’s ok. Sometimes you will be the most amazing friend, parent, spouse, employee, and sometimes you won’t. Sometimes people won’t like, comment, or share. There are always going to be instances in life where your idea of what is “right” or your visions will not match up with someone else’s idea and that is not only ok, but a perfect opportunity to grow.

To constantly be worried about what other people think about us and about living up to other people’s standards is to live in constant fear of, “Am I good enough?” However, when we start to realize that people don’t see us how we are but rather see us how they are, we stop the exhausting effort of trying to get other people to see us in a certain way. And this leads to a freedom that is priceless. True power lies in the hands of the person who only seek to be their most authentic self regardless of what other people think.


People will respect someone who is confident in their own truth, even if they don’t necessarily agree with it.

You can only be a first rate version of you

Every one of us is completely unique and there is a reason for our existence. When we abandon our true selves to meet other people’s expectations we deny the world something very special…us.

So much time has been wasted trying to be like others only to realize that no one of us was put here to be exactly like what other people or society say we “should” be. By only looking for our own acceptance we become the best us that we can possibly be, and that’s all anyone could really ask of us.

The less we require other people’s acceptance of us, the more we will find ourselves around people who give it to us naturally. As our own acceptance of ourselves rises, we naturally move towards relationships where we are treated as good if not better than we treat our own selves. And this helps us to form lasting and healthy relationships with others, which is truly the mark of a person who is rooted in unconditional love.

Girl you better stop looking for validation/support and live your life!




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