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My Go to Lipsticks…

I love lipsticks and when it comes to a great rich/moisturizing lipstick I choose Cover-Girl. Usually you can find drug store makeup brands such as Cove-Girl, Revlon, Loreal, etc. at buy one get one 50% off. Of course I jump on that deal any chance I get. Whenever Cover-Girl is on sale the first thing I have my eye on is lipstick. I just love  the rich colors. Here are some of my favorites. But because the colors are so rich be aware that it will leave your lips a little stained.
 1. Berry Bling (Queen Collection)– This Lipstick is a nice everyday color that has a little shimmer. This was my favorite summer lipstick.

2. Siren– This is another pink lipstick (kind of hot pink). I find this color to go well with a neutral face when your just looking for a pop of color.

3. Girly Pink (Queen Collection)– This color is more of a golden pink..

4. Rush– I’m in LOVE with this lipstick. This is my all time fav. The color is a nude/pink omg great with a plain face.

5. Fine Wine (Queen Collection)– This dark plum color  is great for Fall with a neutral face.

6. Royal Plum (Queen Collection)– If your looking for a dark rich plum/red  this is the color for you.

7.Embrace– This lipstick shows up different on everyone. I just love the dark purple/plum promise this is a kissable color..Can We Say Date Night….. 
Next I”l Show you how to get those stains off your lips from lipsticks.



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