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TRAVEL DIARIES: 4 Random Things I Brought Back From Costa Rica + Mini Recap

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A little over a week ago I traveled to beautiful Costa Rica with my travels pals Hayet from and Dinah from Rica is so relaxing so (the people are so sweet) that I came back to the states very calm and laid back.

That said, this trip proved to me that I wasn’t as adventurous as I thought or should I say as I once was. Honestly, if I were as adventurous as I once was, I would have certainly rented a private boat from the likes of Costa Rica fishing charters to try sportfishing. But since I didn’t care too much for the adventure, I decided to focus on random items being sold in Costa Rica. Here are four random things I brought back from the mesmerizing place (also here is a mini-trip recap).

I fell in love with a couple items that I discovered while in CR, I’m sure you can find some of these items being sold somewhere on the internet.

Axion Lime Dishwashing Paste
I first discovered this product while cleaning dinner dishes at our Airbnb. I loved the way this product smells and it will get the dishes squeaky clean plus it eliminates grease really quick. Axion Lime Dishwashing Paste is known to effectively clean dishes, pots, and pans. Axion cuts through tough grease and dried-on food, leaving your dishes fabulously clean with a crisp citrus scent. Certainly, this is not for those who prefer dishwashers to keep their dishes clean and use something similar to these Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets on Amazon to keep those dishwashers clean.

Johnson Baby Loción Antimosquito

While in the grocery store looking for random beauty products only sold in CR I came across johnson baby loción antimosquito. I totally get why I haven’t seen this product before heading to CR, being that mosquitoes are everywhere in CR. This JOHNSON’S baby anti-mosquito lotion is safe and effective for babies 6 months and older. It’s non-alcoholic formula does not dry delicate skin, chases away mosquitoes and other insects for 4 hours and has a pleasant fragrance. I made sure to stock up on this after seeing that it’s so hard to get a hold to in the U.S plus it’s more expensive in the states.


Since we didn’t stay in a tourist area I took full advantage of shopping at the local grocery/corner stores. I just hand to grab some candy for mini me and I to try. As you can see I didn’t hold back. So far the Tutto’s are my faves.

Cacique Guaro Liquor

No matter what country/island I visit, I always try to bring back a traditional drink. This time I lucked up and found some Sugar Cane Vodka. Cacique Guaro is popular throughout Central American countries and is not available in the USA. Back in February when I was in Cuba I tried sugar cane juice for the first time and loved it, so I knew I had to try this sugar can vodka and it’s pretty good.

I had a great time in Costa Rica with my travels pals Hayet and Dinah.

It was a nice adventure filled with beautiful scenery and talks about culture. Check out my mini recap below.

Visiting a national park (didn’t get to too much)

trip to costa rica
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Visiting a waterfall inside some jungle.

Lunch by the beach, the food was pretty good and fresh.

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Views from our fabulous Airbnb check it out HERE (the pictures doesn’t do this place justice)

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Visting Irazú Volcano, we were 10,000+ feet above ground.

trip to costa rica
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