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Challenged Accepted: My Boyfriend Challenged Me To Rock My Natural Hair For A Week


natural hair

Two weeks ago my boyfriend challenged me to rock my natural hair for a week (inserts big eye emoji). You guys know that I’m a weave-aholic so this was a battle, but I love a challenge. At first, I was like ok this will be easy I’ll just rock a puff, but then I thought to myself wait maybe he (my boyfriend) wants to run his fingers through my hair TMI lol. After coming to the realization that I would actually have to attempt to style my natural hair I went into panic mode.

natural hair

You see, I’ve been natural for the past 7 years except for about 6 months of 2014 when I decided that I wanted my edges to be on fleek so I relaxed my natural hair. And girl guess what ? Immediately after I relaxed my hair (like a month or so) all my hair started to break off. So I spent 3 months transitioning my hair back to its natural state, then in Jan 2015 I cut all my hair off and started over. Hair breaking off can be terrifying for some people, but I knew mine would be growing back so I had another chance to do what I needed with it, however, not everyone is as lucky and their hair can go incredibly thin or not grow back. This can be applied to women as well as men who (like us girls) do worry about their hair and will have issues with growing it back, that is why they will go for neograft hair transplantation as well as look at various treatments that can give them that thick and full hair that they want so they can build up their confidence. Hair can be someone’s entire personality so it is understandable to be worried about it, whichever state it is in.

I call myself a fake natural girl because I haven’t actually rocked my natural hair out in about 5 years. I remember when I first cut off all my hair back in 2009 it was so empowering, the natural hair movement was being praised everywhere. I would try different styles, I even colored my hair a few times. What I quickly noticed was that my hair was growing fast and it was super thick, so that meant it would take more work and time to maintain it. Being that I was working a 9-5 and going to school full-time plus I’m a mother, I knew I couldn’t spend that much time doing my hair. I guess you can say that I got lazy or I was just too busy to do my hair, that’s when my obsession with weave really came about. I was able to protect my hair and still keep it healthy. I’ve always taken good care of my natural hair no matter if it was up in a puff for a couple days or braided down under my weaves/wigs.

natural hair
When my boyfriend brought on this challenge I had so many questions for myself: Should I do a twist out or rock a puff?What products should I use?Will my natural hair shape my face nicely? After washing my hair and blowing it out, I took my time to check out my texture (which is a 4a/4b) . I also to the time to admire how much my hair has grown since I cut it off back in 2015, this is probably the longest it’s been in my life. Let’s just say that whole week I was kind of obsessed with my hair and couldn’t keep my hands out of it. During that week my guy would come home from work and say “I really like your hair like that” and I gave him that are you serious looks lol. I guess here’s to rocking my natural hair more!!!

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