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It’s My Birthday! Here’s A List Of Things I Need To Do Before I Hit The Big 30!!!!

It’s my birthday (yay!). Since I’m now 29, it seems somewhat appropriate to reflect a bit on my admittedly short twenty-something life. These days I’m always thinking about my life and my plans and the fact that in less than 12 months from today I’m turning that strangely scary “30,” I figured it was about time I sat down, put pen to the paper and came up with some formidable goals for the next year. I’m not usually one to make bucket lists, but I do love a good to-do list.

So, in that respect, I’ve treated this list of things to do less so as a bucket list and more as a personal guide for me, my life. It’s as much a list of things to do as it is a set of goals to make life better for myself, those around me and just maybe, the world at large. Here’s what I’ve got. Feel free to chime in: let me know if you think I’m crazy, if you want to do any of the things with me or if you’ve already done them and have some tips. I’m determined to make my 30th year pretty awesome and making these goals public is a good first step to get me on the right path.

In no particular order…


This isn’t just “go to the gym” but more along the lines of: eat healthier, walk more often, include nutritional supplements similar to Power Life into my diet, and so on and so on. I won’t lie: while I’m not afraid or anxious about growing older, I do want to stay fit and healthy. And I’m realizing I can’t rely on my super awesome metabolism forever. On the same note, I was thinking that I should also get a full body check-up done. A friend suggested that getting those tests once a while can really help keep track of overall health with the results that come from it. Also, visiting a cardiologist might be on the agenda as well, because I really want to ensure that I’m keeping my heart as healthy as possible, and doing everything I can for my body.


I love learning and while I may no longer officially be a student, I think there’s plenty to still be gained in schools. Whether it’s a community school or an online university, there are several skills I want to hone in on this year. I’d love to learn more about taking photos or perhaps a writing course to help achieve more of my professional goals. Maybe even a refresher course on brand management?


I once owned a cocktail shaker and a set of martini glasses. That was a fun year and they say at 30 it gets better, plus who doesnt love a cocktail.

new york and company plus

new york and company plus

new york and company plus


While I’m a master at booking last-minute tickets, it’s usually for a trip that I’ve planned or for work. I just want to take a trip without too much thought.


Part of being healthier, perhaps, but I’ve also been fascinated with the idea of a fast for a few years now. I’m not in it as a dieting method but rather a spiritual, meditative experience. Alternatively, there’s always something like a silent yoga retreat. But shutting up just sounds really difficult.


Oh god. Even the thought of this frightens me. As I grow older and more experienced I’ve realized that I actually know quite a bit about what I’m talking about. It’s just usually I’m talking about it with a few friends or acquaintances around a table in a bar. Professionally it would make sense to push the boundary further and actually present what I know to a larger audience. Maybe this will be the year?

new york and company plus

new york and company plus

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This blog is just over 5 years old. In that time I’ve learned a lot about the building a brand, about blogging & social media and about life in general. Over the past year I’ve started taking my skills and investing my time and knowledge into others, but now I’d like to do something more comprehensive.

8. Share More

You guys only know the past 5 years of my life, this is only when I had my shit together. What about when I didn’t have it together,I’m determined to share my struggles and share how I made a way MY WAY.

Putting this list up made feel a bit vulnerable. I’ve shared a lot of information about myself here, even if it doesn’t look like it. These things are a sampling of my goals in life, my thoughts and my passions. I’ve put it all out there now. Let’s see what happens. You can continue to follow the journey by subscribing for email updates when I publish new content. And please feel welcome to share your own goals and/or tips below in the comments.

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