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NutriBullet LEAN Update : What I’m Eating And My Health Scare

2027 Health goal check -For six weeks I’ve been participating in the NutriBullet LEAN™  program. I’ve completed the first part of the program witch is the 7-Day Transformation Plan. During those 7 days I was very aware of everything I put into my body this helped jump start my health goals. I’m currently in the maintenance phase and doing pretty well. As I told you guys before I’m using this program to teach me how to choose healthier food options. The past month has been pretty rough and at times downright discouraging. But for the most part, I’ve stayed on the right path. Here’s my NutriBullet LEAN update.

Health Update 

Towards the 2nd week of January I found out I had high blood pressure, I went into complete panic mode. That was an eye opener and a sign that I needed to take control of my Heath. After that hit in the face, I took a couple of days to regroup and put a plan in action. My plan was simple, take control and make this a family thing.

 NutriBullet LEAN Update

NutriBullet LEAN™ Update 

Ok, I have, to be honest, I fell off track for a week, but after my little eye opener I took control and got the whole family on board.  One thing I love about this program are the recipes. You have no reason to fail with this program because the give you the tools to succeed. 

 NutriBullet LEAN Update

One recipe that’s has become a family favorite is the One Pot Turkey Chili. I’m that one person who was scared to try zucchini, and now I love it. And let’s not forget the one pot meal measuring cup that helps with measure the right the serving size.

 NutriBullet LEAN Update

As for the MacroBlast smoothies, they took a while to grow on my guy. After a couple please bae’s lol and trying out different recipes we finally found one that we both liked. NutriBullet Lean helped me understand some of the key ingredients that you should include in your smoothie. 

 NutriBullet LEAN Update

In all this NutriBullet Lean program is helping me take control of my healthy lifestyle. I’m learning that eating the right foods, in the right amounts will help me reach my health goals. NutriBullet Lean will provide the right tools for you to use. 

NutriBullet LEAN™  Product facts: 


  • The entire NutriBullet Lean set can be purchased from the official website for four payments of $29.99 plus free S&H, or one full payment of $119.96 plus free S&H. Use Code GETLEAN for 25% off . 


  • Built-in portion control
  • Ingredients printed on cup
  • Reusable portion divider
  • Recipe Book
  • Smoothie fact sheet
  • 1200 watts of power
  • Includes “Lean Boost,” a protein and fiber blend
  • LEAN app available on Apple Store and Google Play


 I’m sharing #NutriBullet in my life as part of a NutriBullet sponsored series



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