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The Power Of a Matching Bra and Panty Set: The Ultimate 2-Step Makeover To Help You Feel #FearlesslyFlirty

There’s something magical about the way lingerie can make you feel. Putting on that lace bra with matching panty is downright exhilarating and empowering all at the same time! No matter how unattractive you feel, all that disappears the moment you put on some lingerie. And it doesn’t even have to be something super naughty like crotchless panties or something sexy coupled with bedroom handcuffs (oh my!) – a simple matching bra and panty set can do wonders for your confidence. I believe every woman should at least own one lingerie set to wear when she needs a pick me up or wants to feel #FearlesslyFlirty.

Olga Flirty collection

Rocking Olga Flirty Deep Plunge with Lace Underwire Bra in a size 42ddd and Olga Flirty Lace-Panel Hipster panty in a size 3

For women who can’t seem to ever feel comfortable in any lingerie, their problem might be that they haven’t found a set that works for them yet. Like regular clothes, there are so many different styles to choose from. You’ll have to choose a style that makes you feel good and confident, but also supports and is functional. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to only wear lingerie on special occasions! I want to feel sexy and flirty all the time, just for me. I’m even thinking about having a shoot with somewhere like this New Orleans boudoir photography studio so I can feel ALL of my fantasy. When it comes to my own preferences for lingerie, I especially love anything lace that offers a matching hipster panty. Sometimes I can feel like my libido is low and I need more than supplements, lingerie boosts my mood. You can read about Provestra ingredients if you’re interested in upping your libido with the supplements and then I’m sure a matching set of undies will make you feel the sexiest you’ve ever felt. When I tried on this set from Olga Intimates I felt like a new woman, and that’s what a matching set will do to you, lol.

Olga Flirty collection

The great thing about lingerie is that it comes in various sizes and it never goes out a style. So even if you’re plus size, you can find beautiful versions of the aforementioned styles in whatever size you are.

2-Steps To Help You Feel #FearlesslyFlirty In Lingerie

1.Find something you love

2 Find something that you’re comfortable in.

When you wear lingerie, you shouldn’t only feel sexier, but also flirty and freer. Have fun with it and embrace your newfound brazenness and just go with it. Most of all be #FearlesslyFlirty!

This post is sponsored by Olga Intimates, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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