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That One Time I Failed Major In High School But I Ended Up Learning A Major Life Lesson

For over 30 years, Always has been a champion of girls. The #LikeAGirl campaign helps girls
feel like they have permission to fail by showing them that failure is okay, it is necessary to
learn, grow and build confidence. I have partnered with Always to encourage my daughter and
girls everywhere to Keep Going #LikeAGirl.


A recent Always study found that 50% of girls at puberty, feel paralyzed by a fear of failure and
¾ of girls believe that social media is making their fear of failure worse. This is something I want
to help change, for my daughter and all girls going through puberty.


As my daughter gets older I have to constantly remind her not to let the fear or of failure stop
her from trying to accomplish anything. Without persevering and learning from our failures,
many of us wouldn’t be who we are today. I always think back to the time I thought I was going
to be a cheerleader – I failed major but I also got a couple of wins from that situation and
learned a major life lesson. That confidence I built from practicing and trying out helped fuel my
drive to Keep Going #LikeAGirl.


I think it’s almost every girl's dream to be a cheerleader at one point in their life. Here in my
Hometown Ocala, Florida those dreams start as early as 6 years old when little league football
season starts. After years of telling myself no I’m no cheerleader, I finally decided to try out in
10th grade and I didn’t make it. I was crushed. My feelings were so hurt so I worked super hard
and tried out my 11th-grade year and didn’t make it that year either, boy did I feel like a failure.


Fast forward two months later, while sitting in my art class I heard girls talking about dance tryouts. I had already made up in my head that I couldn’t let my toe touch go to waste, I had worked so hard on it. So I tried out for the dance team and made it. Within that same year, my school started a step team and I became the head caption.

I didn’t make Cheer Squad but what I thought was a failure only prepared me for my major wins later that school year! I learned that something I viewed as a failure actually helped me learn and grow in the long run. I want to encourage my daughter to know that she can face her fears and gain the confidence and strength she needs to succeed in life. Be sure to Join Always to encourage girls everywhere to embrace failure when it happens and use it as fuel to build their confidence.  Share how you or your daughter Keep Going #LikeAGirl to inspire others to do the same.

This Post Was In Partnership With Always, All Opinions Are My Own!






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