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What Happen When I Went Snowmobiling For The First Time

Last month my family and I took a vacation to Colorado and Las Vegas. Although I was on blogcation I did manage to get in a couple of pictures while snowmobiling. Let me just let you guys know upfront that I was not prepared for snowmobiling and to be honest no one knew what we were getting ourselves into, that ride up the mountain was cold and scary. Don’t get me wrong it was kind of fun, but it was so cold that I was cursing mother nature the whole way up, a couple of times I saw my life flash before my eyes lol. One thing that I regret was what I wore, the guides provided us with all the snowmobiling clothing including boots, helmet and gloves. But the gear wasn’t the problem it was what I wore underneath, I decided to were jeans and a not so heavy top (what was I thinking).

I was very uncomfortable on the snowmobile, can you imagine taking a 3-hour snowmobile tour in tight jeans? Let’s not forget about the temperature drop once you get to the top of the mountain, we were soooo cold.

Here’s a couple of things to take note of before you go snowmobiling:

Wear comfortable/loose fitting clothing– sweats or winter thick fleece lined leggings are perfect especially since your’re going to layer with a snow suit.

Wear suitable women’s sports bras– trust me your breast will thank you later! Without a sports bra, they’ll be all over the place and that certainly won’t be comfortable.

Moisturize your skin– The air is dry be sure take care of your skin, especially the skin that will be exposed (face and lips)

Bring a scarf– it will block most of the cold snow/wind coming your way

Overall this was a great experience, will I do it again NO (I’m not a snow girl). Thinking about taking a snowmobile tour be sure to check out

Have you ever gone snowmobiling? If so did you like it?





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