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Plus Size Style: How to Wear Monochrome

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This Fall/Winter I decided to change up my style just a little. The plan is to incorporate more neutral colors into my color palette. One style I really want to master is “Monochrome” Chic. Styling a Monochrome look can seem difficult, well for it was but after playing around with a few different color palettes I finally found the perfect look for me. Here are my tips on how to wear monochrome.


The word “monochromatic” breaks down into two pieces: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning color. So a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one color. The monochromatic fashion trend is wearing different shades and tints of the same color, which creates monochromatic colors. This style is especially popular with goths or emos, and more power to them for pulling it off. It certainly helps that there are a bunch of great plus-size goth clothes out there. But monochromatic doesn’t have to be limited to just black or white. You could explore a whole spectrum of different colors.

It’s similar to the various types of leather clothes people generally like to wear together. Additionally, when people decide to buy a leather jacket, they usually research the types, use, and cleaning process of leather with the help of online resources provided by LeatherProfy (or any similar platform). Also, monochromatic outfits are considered to be the most popular and classic style, which seems to be liked by many people across the world.

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When it came to creating a monochrome look, I just couldn’t find the right set of colors/tones that I genuinely love together. In my mind, I thought about wearing some existing leather clothes, which would make a suitable outfit for the season. I just have to take them out of the closet, apply leather softener (similar to a softener available at, and wear them. Even so, I was still undecided about whether to use old clothes or buy brand-new ones. Well, I finally settled on this look after playing around in some of my fall neutral colors and I thank I did a fantastic job.

3 Style Tips:

-Break out of your comfort zone

-Play around with your favorite colors in different shades.

-Try adding layers & different textures


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