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My Beach Day Must-Haves… When I’m On My Period

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We’ve all been there before – you planned the perfect beach/pool day filled with sun and lots of fun, and then out of nowhere your little friend arrives. If you enjoy swimming just as much as I do then I am sure you also struggle when it’s that time of the month. As a true Florida girl/mermaid, I’ll never cancel a beach day because of my period, so I’m sharing my beach must-haves for when I’m on my cycle.

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First I always pack the SPF Sunscreen. I don’t know about you guys but I have bad breakouts during my period. When I’m in the sun I try to protect my skin by all means. If I know I’m going to go for a dip in the water, I apply an SPF sunscreen. If I know I’m just going to the beach/pool to lay out or enjoy the scenery, I often apply an SPF tinted MOISTURIZER. Girls, protect your skin even if you just grab a big beach hat and shades.

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Of course a must-have is tampons. I used to be that girl (while on my period) at the beach who would wear black shorts over her swim bottoms, just in case I had an accident. What I didn’t know back then was that you can choose a tampon based on your activity and the flow of your period. Knowing this has really made me more comfortable and confident while out at the beach/pool. My go-to tampon for days in the water is definitely Tampax Pearl.


I found that this product is perfect for mermaids like myself. The LeakGuard Braid helps stop leaks before they happen and it’s comfortable- the FormFit™ technology expands to fit your unique shape. Quick pro tip for you: If you’re tight on space and want something small, I highly suggest the Tampax Pocket Pearl because it offers the same great protection with a compact applicator. That way if you’re only taking a towel and handbag on your trip to the pool, you’re covered.

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Lastly, let’s talk about the B-word – BLOATING. I definitely get a bad case of bloating when I’m on my period. I have to do prep work before I go to the beach which includes: drinking hot tea, taking ibuprofen, and stretching. I was recently told by a friend that she uses things like CBD oil UK to help bloating and she loves it, so I think this might be something I will also consider in the future. I guess you can say I have it mapped out but, again, mermaids will sacrifice everything to be at the beach in a bikini lol!!!

Your period can be pretty annoying, especially when it’s beach day. However, there is no reason to allow your period to ruin the fun. Lastly, swimming on your period is safe –and should be enjoyed! Hope this post helps my fellow mermaids on their next beach day.

This post is sponsored by Tampax and done as part of an ongoing collaboration as a #TampaxAmbassador. As always, all statements and opinions are my own!



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