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Why Every Girl Needs A Set of Hot Rollers

  Looking to save time with your morning beauty routine or/and tired of using curling irons?  You have to try Remington T-Studio Tourmaline Heated Clip Hair Setter!

I received these hot rollers as an birthday gift and this is absolutely the best hair tool that I’ve ever
used! Not to mentions this is a great alternative it your looking to save your hair from heat damage. For months I’ve been looking into hot rollers trying find the best set at an affordable price and these are perfect. I’m still warming up to them but for the past two days I’ve been mentally weighing out the the pros and cons listed below:

  • They heat up super quick 
  • Curls hair in minutes
  • The clips are very sturdy keeping the roller precisely where you want them
  • Has two different sizes of rollers 12 large 1 1/4″ rollers, 8 medium 1″ rollers
  • Less Heat
  • Clip leaves a harsh
    line on the hair (shows on the top layer). To fix the line I just grab my flat iron and set it on low heat and smooth out the top layer
  • Wish there were more rollers although this set curls my whole head I feel as though I need a couple more in the back  to even out the curls
  •  Over the day the curl do drop giving you lots of body (so if you’re going for a curly look you just might want to curl your hair or invest in another set of medium 1″ rollers) Also Holding spray might help keep longer lasting curls

I have below shoulder length hair that’s thick and these hot rollers are perfect, I’m not to sure the effect they will have on longer hair but I’m pretty sure there would be more body then curls. In the past 3 days Remington T-Studio Tourmaline Heated Clip Hair Setter has helped me cut my beauty routine time in in half and now it’s less of a hassle. This Remington T-Studio Tourmaline Heated Clip Hair Setter should be in every woman’s possession, not convinced yet, check out the pictures below along with steps.
P.S.A. I am relaxed and I have a 16′ weave installed

Steps 1: Allow Rollers to heat up at least 10min before applying
Step 2:  Brush Hair

Step 3: Apply Rollers
Step 4: Start your beauty routine/ get dress, Allow rollers to set for at last 10/15 min

Step 5: Take rollers out
Step 6: Pull curls apart and style as desired or you can leave curls like so

As you can see the curls dropped but still giving me lots of body

Have you tired hot rollers yet? What are your thoughts?

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