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3 Self-Care Tips For Busy Business Women

As a mother, businessman and entrepreneur I sometimes find it’s hard for self-care. In the back of my mind, I’m telling myself that I don’t have time for myself right now because I have so many important priorities. Self-care sets you up to be mentally, emotionally, and physically equipped to handle the demands of a business. Before you argue that you have no time or money for self-care, let me stop you right there and share 3 self-care tips for busy business women.

This past year has been super busy and mind-blowing. Self-care was one of the things that has helped keep me on track. I’ve made it a point to plug self-care into my busy schedule. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself and if you find yourself struggling when it comes to finding time for self-care department check out my tips below:

Self-Care Tips For Busy Business Women

#1 Set a goal– When it comes to self-care be sure to map out your wants and needs. Want- VACATION Need-RELAXATION (you may want a vacation but can’t get away right now, so sometime during the week take two hours and participate in something that’s relaxing. As a successful businesswoman, you will understand the importance of setting goals. So, of course, you should set a goal when it comes to self-care. As you map out your week be sure to check in on your personal wants and needs and plug in a  couple hours each week for self-care.

Self-Care Tips For Busy Business Women

#2 Choose an activity that will clear your mind-For the past year, I’ve been focusing on making healthier choices and getting fit. I had one issue, I HATE working out, but I hired a trainer and surprised myself, working out became my therapy. While working out, my mind is clear and so positive. Now I get to clear my head an hour each day giving my body the self-care it needs. Oh, and let’s not forget about having an excuse to rock comfy/cute workout clothes. Right now, I‘m loving Fit For Me activewear collection it’s super comfy. The leggings are my favorite, I have a hard time finding workout leggings that don’t roll down around the waistband.

Self-Care Tips For Busy Business Women

#3 Join a support group- I know, you’re probably thinking “joining a support group is not self-care.” Well, you’re wrong.  Facebook groups are a great way to connect with others within the same niche who can offer support and encouragement during the low points when work is taking all of your energy.

Self-care is not something that happens by accident, it’s something that you have to make a priority in your life. Hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to leave me your thoughts in the comments!

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