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Why Your Skincare Routine Should Include Superfoods

Superfoods are no longer just found at the grocery store. They’re now taking over the beauty aisle too. Beauty products are now supercharged with more foodie ingredients than your local health food shop. You know what they say “beauty starts from within”? When it comes to skin it’s 100% true. Just about any skin type can benefit from any extra nutritional powerhouse superfood,  the trick is to look for the superfoods that specifically address your skincare needs. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my Sephora inside JCPenney for a Skincare Superfoods Makeover. Heres what I learned about my skin and how I can benefit from using Superfoods in my skincare routine.

Sephora Skincare

Before any skin care consultation, you must inform them of your skin type. Luckily Sephora has a Moisture Meter which is a digital beauty tool that measures the level of moisture in customers’ skin to help them choose products that will work with their skin type. The Moisture Meter pulls up a number between 0 to 99.  The number on the meter indicates how hydrated (or dehydrated) your skin is. Results from 0 to 40 mean you have dry skin that needs more moisture; from 40 to 70, your skin is deemed “normal”; and from 70 to 99, your skin is oilier, with plenty of moisture. My reading before we started was 73.

Tatcha skin care

From there, we decided that Tatcha products would work best on my skin. Tatcha products are filled with Japanese Anti-Aging Superfoods. These products also promote the idea that beauty begins from the inside out. This means two things: one, that beauty begins in the heart and the mind; and two, that skin care goes far beyond what you put on your skin.

sephora skin care

STEP 1: One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil  (Camellia and Rice Bran oils)

This is a gentle cleanser that can be used morning or night and is ideal for removing makeup. This product literally melts away even waterproof makeup without leaving residue on the skin.

sephora skincare

STEP 2: Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (Rice bran, Papaya, and Anti-Aging HADASEI-3™ Complex)

This product Exfoliates and tones without harsh abrasives for smooth, bright, baby-soft skin. After using this product my skin looked brighter and I love that it’s gentle enough for everyday use.

Sephora Skincare

STEP 3: The Water Cream (Green Tea, Rice and Alge)

Moisturize with this oil-free, anti-aging water cream moisturizer that transforms to release a burst of skin-improving nutrients for visibly clear, poreless skin. I love that this product isn’t thick like most moisturizing creams, it really felt like I was putting water on my skin.

STEP 4: LUMINOUS Dewy Skin Mist  (Squalane, Red Algae and anti-aging HADASEI-3™ Complex.)

A silky liquid spray on moisturizer that leaves skin hydrated. This can be used to refresh bare skin or cosmetics throughout the day, without buildup or residue, instantly softening and smoothing without streaking or disturbing makeup

My skin felt amazing after my Skincare Superfoods Makeover, my skin was glowing and so smooth. Tatcha products for the win! Glowing, younger-looking skin: we all want it. It’s no secret that what’s applied on the outside of our skin matters—moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and serums—but what you ingest may make a difference as well. Beauty products are now filled with superfoods, be sure check the labels to help get the right products for your needs. Are you ready for a Skincare Superfoods Makeover at #SephoraInJCPits #SoWorthIt!

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This Post Was In collaboration with Sephora inside JCPenney.




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