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How To Wear Plus Size Lingerie With Confidence

February is finally here and I’m so excited to share my upcoming V-day post starting with this sexy post. We all know my sexy posts would go down a treat on websites like They have so much sexy content on there that I’d fit right in. I don’t care if you’re in a relationship or single, this V-day I challenge you to put on something sexy and celebrate your body, yes flaws and all. I’m all about sexy lingerie, just because I’m a plus size girl it doesn’t mean I’m scared to show off my body. Similar to some of the girls on animehentaivideosxxx. They are so confident and sexy in their skin. I really prefer to walk around naked, but my boyfriend loves sexy lingerie and I do love to dress up lol. I wasn’t always confident when wearing lingerie, it took me a while to accept my sexy side now I’m here to share how I was able to wear lingerie with confidence. If you are struggling with showing off your body, I would recommend that you take a look at as they offer plenty of tips for women wanting to show themselves off

1.Give yourself permission to be sexy: Being and feeling sexy is not a bad thing. Yes, you are plus size and yes you have every right to showcase your sexy side in public in a tasteful way and behind closed doors. You’d be surprised how many people find plus-sized women sexy, which a trip to full tube would show you! Don’t wait for others to tell you that it’s ok to be sexy.

sexy plus size lingerie

2.Try different styles: I remember going to my local Lane Bryant and trying on so many Lingerie sets until I found one that I was happy with and felt the sexiest in. You won’t know what you love on your body until you try it on.

sexy plus size lingerie

3. Ease your way into it: Try a bodysuit or add a layer such as a robe or a duster. You don’t have to bare all the first time, make it fun but sexy.

sexy plus size lingerie

4. Make Sure You’re Comfortable: Sometimes it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Example this is a simple lace cami and a lace panty, something that I would sleep in. It’s super comfortable but still sexy not to mention I feel super sexy.

sexy plus size lingerie

5. Think sexy thoughts: There once was a time when I use to read a X-rated book (urban sex novels), it helped me tap into my sexy side. From time to time, you may need something to help bring out our sexy side, it can be a the thought of a man, a fantasy or just a glance of your own naked body in the mirror. Girl you better get your sexy on!!!!

This Valentine’s Day it’s all about loving your body and allowing yourself to look and feel sexy!!!!

Thanks M. Jones Imaging for these wonderful pictures.

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How To Wear Plus Size Lingerie With Confidence




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