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So Over My Weight

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 I have always been a pretty girl since a size 11 to now a size 18 but it was always different when people approach me being smaller you get a one way complement such as ” you r so pretty” but being bigger your get complement with a contradiction such as ” your so pretty for a big girl” Don’t get me wrong either way is fine but i would luv to be noticed for one thing without a back hand slap in my face lol….Health was never an issue with me but i know if i want to be more active with me child I have to make some changes with weight and as of oct 1 I took ova m body in mind-body-sprit and realized my weight was out of control since then changing my eating habits and excise has been my main focus n as of today I’m down 16lbs n I’m proud and more motivated then ever before to keep pushing myself….



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