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How I Got My Summer Body + Tips On How To Be Ready For Next Summer

This summer I’ve seen the words body-positive everywhere in the media, and while we (women and men) seem to be encouraging one another to embrace our body types and are cheering for body acceptance, there still seems to be a silent self-hatred party going on within the plus-size community. From weight loss surgeries to women who don’t fit into what society deems as acceptable fat. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with weight loss surgery or getting procedures to make yourself happier with your body – you want a tummy tuck, get a tummy tuck; if you want to get NYC emsculpt, then go out and do it! No one should stop you from doing what you want to look like. We all have a different idea of out perfect summer body. And some people actually have good reasons behind weight loss surgery or just weight loss in general (I sure can lose a couple of of pounds because my comfortability level at this point is in the red zone). Summer fashion can be discouraging for women of all sizes and for the record there is acceptable fat and unacceptable fat praised within the plus size community. Looking back at this summer I realized that this was the first summer in a long that time that I didn’t set any summer body goals, so I sat down and look backed came to the realization why I had no summer body goals.

I’m My Own Body Goals: My body is sexy and fabulous, don’t be ashamed of your body. You don’t have to be smaller or have a flat stomach to wear those cute summer clothes.

“My body is sexy and fabulous, don’t be ashamed of your body”– @chanteburkett

I’m surrounded by positivity: If you are around negative people, you’ll probably find yourself being a bit more negative. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are on the inside and out. Surrounding yourself with positive people will remove those who aren’t. I only want those who love me and support me in my life. Once you start to love yourself and embrace your body for what it is, others will do the same.

“Surrounding yourself with positive people will remove those who aren’t” – @chanteburkett

I enjoy Life: This was the first summer that I actually put me phone down and just enjoyed my time with my family and friends. I didn’t keep up with anyone, I just worried about my well being and what makes me happy. I spent a lot of time at My Happy Place.

If you take one thing from today’s post, remember to be your own summer body goals. There’s nothing wrong with being healthy just don’t beat yourself up about having the perfect summer body. Live and love life, enjoy your friends and family and try to stay positive.










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