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Suprise the Hubby for Vday

Are you ready for Vday? Are you looking for something cute and sexy like they wear on for the hubby? Good quality undergarments are not cheap for plus size women. I try and catch a sale every now and then. Today your in luck Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart are having some great deals. Lane Bryant even has some sexy bra’s as low as $24.99 and between the two stores if you spend the right amount you will earn some extra cash off your entire purchase. If you want to replicate the style of a professional glamour model such as Hannah Claydon for your beloved husband, this is the perfect way to make him think he’s in his very own Babestation fever dream. I advise you to place your order now to get your something sexy just in time for Vday. I know the hubby will be pleased.

Vday by Everything Curvy & Chic



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