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The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

Kids want a lot of stuff. We get used to them chanting “Can I have that??” Last week my 9yr old daughter caught me off guard by asking can she have a tattoo, I was reminded that I have 5 tattoos so I knew I had to play it cool! The tattoo talk with mini-me went a little something like this…..

The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

I’m learning that when talking to your child about something that may make you sound like a hypocrite the best course of action is to put aside these your feelings and strive to open a dialog with your child. For me, this meant really figuring out her reasons for wanting a tattoo. This actually turned into a beautiful discussion which left her mind wondering not about tattoos but the meaning behind art. Of course, I’m her main reason for wanting a tattoo, she’s beginning to follow everything that I do.

The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

These days, tattoos are increasingly common. There are even TV shows dedicated to the art of tattoos. They are particularly popular in young people; among Millennials. I guess you can say I’m a fan of tattoos after having few myself. My daughter is very aware of my tattoos and I’ve explained the meaning of each (even the one that I now dislike). This was only part one of the tattoo talks, assuming that mini-me will be showing me her own drawing for her further tattoo really soon lol. Maybe when she’s fully aware of tattoos and decides to have one, she might visit Panumart Tattoo (you can click here to check out their website if interested) or similar tattoo studio websites to look for designs she would prefer to have. But it’s okay really, I’m not worried or anything, but I believe that it is something that needs to be discussed between parent and child. As I said it is common in this day and age to have tattoos. And our kids are better off today because if they don’t like them, they can get them removed! I’ve heard they have the best tattoo removalist sydney area by the way! But no, you can find this help wherever you are.

And while it is better off really thinking about a tattoo and committing to it fully before having it done, it is not the end of the world if you hate it. As I mentioned earlier, I do have one that I have grown to dislike and so I have that option available to me. I want my daughter to know that too, but I also have to make sure she knows the consequences if she doesn’t plan out or research her tattoos beforehand. This is really important.

Have you had the tattoo talk with mini-me?

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