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The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

Kids want a lot of stuff. We get used to them chanting “Can I have that??” Last week my 9yr old daughter caught me off guard by asking can she have a tattoo, I was reminded that I have 5 tattoos so I knew I had to play it cool! The tattoo talk with mini-me went a little something like this…..

The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

I’m learning that when talking to your child about something that may make you sound like a hypocrite the best course of action is to put aside these your feelings and strive to open a dialog with your child. For me, this meant really figuring out her reasons for wanting a tattoo. This actually turned into a beautiful discussion which left her mind wondering not about tattoos but the meaning behind art. Of course, I’m her main reason for wanting a tattoo, she’s beginning to follow everything that I do.

The Tattoo Talk With Mini-Me

These days, tattoos are increasingly common. There are even TV shows dedicated to the art of tattoos. They are particularly popular in young people; among Millennials. I guess you can say I’m a fan of tattoos after having few myself. My daughter is very aware of my tattoos and I’ve explained the meaning of each (even the one that I now dislike). This was only part one of the tattoo talks, assuming that mini-me will be showing me her own drawing for her further tattoo really soon lol…..

Have you had the tattoo talk with mini-me?

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