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The Year Of Savings With Florida Credit Union

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Florida Credit Union
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If someone asked me what I learned during this past pandemic, it would be the importance of saving. It’s funny, isn’t it? All it takes is for a big event to happen, like the pandemic, to realize just how important your money is. You really had to make the effort to save as much as you could so you can essentially survive. Don’t get me wrong, I did save money here and there, but probably not as much as I should’ve done. My friend was nagging me for ages to save, just like she needed to do when it came to repaying her student loans as this would be done over a number of years, so she needed to make sure she had the money in the bank for when she needed it. She’s smart! And now with the events of the pandemic, I have begun to take on this stance too.

You guys remember not too long ago, a year prior to the pandemic, I took up my personal financial hit with my fire accident. I learned so much from that life-changing event, especially the importance of having a financial plan and budgeting. You don’t realize just how much it impacts your life until it personally affects you and your financial situation. I know a lot of people who have been able to make some effective changes since being in this position themselves. This ranges from deciding to get a GoldShell LT5 PRO in order to mine different types of cryptocurrency which can then be traded in return for money, as well as hiring the services of a professional financial advisor who can provide tips and advice where needed. With the changes I have made, I have also learned a lot. Fast forward a year later, I’m a little more comfortable financially thanks to a plan & budgeting. Plus, I finally have an emergency fund in place for all of the unexpected emergencies, be it for hiring Air Duct Cleaning Services, water damage restoration experts, or paying for sudden healthcare expenses.

But I think that instead of being proud of my financial literacy so much, I should start considering investment options. I think that now is the time to start making some major decisions that may include purchasing a house/car and starting my own personal IRA. I’m excited to explore and share all my savings and borrowing options with Florida Credit Union.

Florida Credit Union
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Back in April, during Financial Literacy Month, I had a meeting with one of Florida Credit Union’s Member Service Representatives to learn about their services and for help with planning out my financial goals and needs. We chatted about a major goal of mine, which is to purchase my dream car by the end of 2021. I was excited to find out about all the borrowing options that Florida Credit Union offers centered around vehicle loans which include low-interest rates, flexible repayment terms and purchasing advice.

I’ve always been scared of car payments, so it’s best that I pre-plan for my dream car. For the next 6 months, I will be utilizing my Florida Credit Union savings account to save for my car “payments”, I’ll be cutting my personal spending budget in half and depositing the rest in my savings (Check my budgeting rule below). This may seem extra to some, but everyone should plan for any major financial decision, big or small. I’m happy that Florida Credit Union understands their client’s financial needs and worries.

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Next on my list, I’ll be tackling all my retirement/investment needs. It is important to plan for your retirement, which includes potentially looking at resources such as the gold ira companies list, for example, or seeing how an investment in areas like Bitcoin, even oil, can help your future financial plans come together when you eventually retire. I love that Florida Credit Union is not tight-lipped when it comes to pouring back into your future. They have a list of ways on how you can invest in your future: Check out some of their options below:

Florida Credit Untion
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This pandemic taught us that life can happen at any moment. Some things we can prepare for, and others are out of our control. With proper education and planning, we can definitely control our finances. Florida Credit Union is here to help with all your financial needs. I know how awkward/embarrassing it is talking about your finances especially with strangers but trust me when I tell you that it’s a judgment-free zone at Florida Credit Union. Go ahead and schedule your appointment at your local Florida Credit Union branch to discuss your financial goals or visit LetsTalkFCU.



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