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Whats In Your Purse? Here’s 6 Things Every Girl Should Carry In Their Purse

things every girl carry in her purse

My purse is like my everything, it has a ton of stuff in it. My wallet and keys are obvious but what about the other things that women  should keep in their purse. After talking with a friend I came up with 6 things that we must carry in our purse.

HAND SANITIZER-  Imagine grabbing  a cart that’s been used 200+ times and never wiped down.  This helps with spreading yucky germs.

ASPIRIN-  These are like a last minute life saver.  I keep a travel sized bottle of aspirin on me at all times.

LIPSTICK- I think that at any given moment, I have about 10 different lipsticks in my bag. I have no excuse as for why I carry so many other than I just need to be ready for whatever whenever lol.

things every girl carry in her purse

MOISTURIZER/LOTION- I have very dry skin so I carry lotion/oil everywhere.

 COMPACT- I hate not being able to find a mirror to check my makeup and teeth, or if you need a freshen up real quick.
things every girl carry in her purse

TAMPON OR PAD-  I can’t imagine anything worse than needing a tampon and not having one. As women, we always have to be prepared. Tampax Pocket Pearl is the perfect size, I can fit into any purse/clutch. Even if it fell out of your bag the colorful and unique packaging disguises what it really is.

What are some must have items that you carry in your purse?

This post was sponsored by Tampax. While I was compensated to write a post about Tampax Pearl, all opinions are my own.



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