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3 Tips That Will Help Busy Boss Moms Save Their Time & Sanity

Moms are hands down some of the busiest people on the planet. Juggling kids, careers, and self-care can be something like controlled chaos. Being a busy boss mom myself  I think it’s less stressful when everyone in the house is on the same page and above all organized. I’m happy to offer these 3 tips for easing stress, slowing down the roller coaster, and regaining your sanity.

1. Do as much prep work as possible. I prep everything from my daughters school outfits to dinner. Every Sunday I put together all my daughter’s outfits for school. Since my daughter is her own alarm clock (wakes up every morning the same time)  and I’ve pretty much trained her on personal hygiene and how to care for herself so I allow her to dress herself every morning. When laying out her clothing I use hang tags for Mon-Fri so she’ll know what to wear on what day. Mornings will be less hectic when clothes are laid out,lunches are packed, and bookbags are by the door.

tips for busy moms

As for meal Prep, why not prepare a few freezer meals for those nights when you’re running low on time, but want a healthy, nutritious meal.

tips for busy moms

2.Up your NO game. Saying no to some requests frees up time for the tasks you can’t skip and the activities you want to attend. And yes your child/family with be mad at you because you said no, but saying no is not killing them they’ll get over it.

3. Ask for help when you need it and accept help when it’s offered. I personally have a hard time with this, I just gave in and hired an assistant to help with my workload. Here’s to asking for help!!!!

tips for busy moms

4. I know I said only 3 but the forth one is the most important one of all which needs a whole blogpost. As a busy boss mom SELF CARE is very important we’ll talk more about that later next week.

Busy Boss Mom’s don’t you want to save your sanity while saving time? If you do I highly suggest incorporating this tips into what you’re already doing.



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