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My Happy Place + 6 Ways To Find Yours

For the past year, I’ve been up and down emotionally, most of this has to do with the passing of my mother and my big move. I still struggle day to day which is why I needddd my happy place. My happy place includes swimming and laying by the pool or on the beach. This clears my head plus allows me to reflect on my blessing and I get be a real life mermaid lol.

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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear this phrase “Find Your Happy Place?” Usually it’s referring to someone in a situation where they need to escape reality temporarily to cope. Everyone needs somewhere you can escape the stress and constraints of everyday life and feel completely at ease, The key here is really just to shift your thinking and focus.

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[ctt template=”8″ link=”a5Ukf” via=”no” ]Getting the right perspective by “finding your happy place” just might help you get out of your “unhappy place”. @ecurvynchic[/ctt]

Ask Yourself This:

Where do you feel comfortable?

What do you enjoy doing with your time?

What makes you happy?

6 Ways To Find Your Happy Place

1. Travel Somewhere New For A Fresh Perspective–  New scenery is always a good thing. Take a weekend getaway. It doesn’t have to be expensive, book a staycation. Go spend the weekend in a hotel nearby.

2. Count Your Blessings- Anytime I start to get in that “unhappy place” this one always snaps me back. Somebody else out there always has it worse than you.

3. Reminisce On Good Memories- Do you have a certain memory that makes you smile every time you think of it? Maybe it’s a childhood memory – Maybe it’s when you fell in love- Maybe the birth of your child.

4. Set A New Goal- Fixing your mind on a new goal can be exciting. What is something that inspires you? What is something you’ve always wanted to achieve? It’s never too late. Fixing your mind on a new goal can be exciting.

5. Take a risk- Maybe it’s time to act on that idea you’ve been kicking around. Doing something risky can be exhilarating and makes you feel alive. Don’t be stupid risky though. What has been holding you back? Fear? We have all have fear. Get over it. Face it. Do something. Take a risk.

6. Go To Your Happy Place Literally– Book your favorite vacation spot ASPA

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The next time you find yourself in your favorite place, take some time to savor the moments.

What/Where is your happy place?




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